The wide range of RUBI tile cutters, allows the professional to obtain the best results in cutting this material. Tiles remain one of the most widely installed ceramic surfaces in the world. With thicknesses between 6 and 10 mm, tiles require delicate treatment. RUBI tile cutters are adapted perfectly to the tile and can make all kinds of cuts; straight, diagonal, curved, etc. With RUBI tile cutters, you will discover a new world of possibilities.

In the RUBI tile cutters catalogue there are two different types: electric and manual, the latter being the most widely used for cutting, due to their convenience and speed. Electric cutters offer us extra in terms of the variety of cuts that we can do; mitre cuts, bevel cuts, holes within the tile, corners, etc. for that reason, with the combination of both types of tile cutters we are able to adapt to cutting needs and obtain the most accurate results.

All RUBI tile cutters, both manual and electric ones, are designed by the RDI department, based on the needs of professional tile fixers, only using resistant materials that offer proven strength and lasting, quality work. It should be noted that in the process of creating our tools a test period is included in real work situations in certain domestic and international markets, conducted by a group of trusted professionals in the industry. This action allows us to identify areas of improvement in our products before putting them on sale and/or adapting them to the needs of the end-user.

The RUBI brand is known for the great durability and quality of its tile cutters. For more than 65 years, RUBI has only manufactured products of high durability and strength, to give the best performance in the toughest working conditions and adapting to the demands of each market.

Tile cutters