RUBI has a wide range of tile drill bits. Both those made of tungsten carbide and the diamond drill bits.

RUBI tile drill bits suit the particular features of each job and situation, allowing the professional to choose between wet cutting and dry cutting. With RUBI and its wide range of tile drill bits, professionals can tackle any job with a total guarantee of success.

There are two types of drill bits for dry cut tiles; the first are used with a grinder as it is recommended to work at high speed, and they do not need any extra cooling. They are drill bits that cut very fast, they have a long life and are manufactured by a vacuum brazed technology process.

The second type of tile drill bits are made of tungsten carbide, adaptable to an electric drill and available from a 27mm diameter upwards.

Diamond drill bits for wet cutting tiles on the other hand are used with the drill at low revolutions. Cooling with water is needed, for which there are some RUBI accessories that are a perfect combination. These tile drill bits give an optimal finish, through an electroplating manufacturing process. With both systems you will be able to drill in various hard materials, such as porcelain, granite or marble, quickly and safely.

RUBI is committed to quality in its range of drill bits. All our products and tools are subjected to rigorous quality tests by experienced professionals; we want all the products we have on the market to be recognized for the quality and durability that has made our brand one of the most valued in giving a solution to ceramic tile fixing professionals and the building industry in general.

Tile drill bits

closeDRYGRES diamond drill bits

The range of DRYGRES diamond drills are recommended for the drilling of all types of ceramic tile, especially porcelain stoneware, and other coating materials such as marble and granite.In the range of DRYGRES drills, RUBI has used the vacuum welding technology VACUUM BRAZED, which increases the resistance to temperature and friction, to fix the diamond particles to the cutting area.

closeMINIGRES diamond tips

MINIGRES diamond tips are ideal for drilling stoneware tiles, porcelain tiles and pieces of granite and marble. Available in 5 diameters: 15/64, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2 and in. They are perfect for installation of accessories and decorative extras.

closeMINIGRES diamond drill bit head

Adapter for detachable diamond drill bit.Mandatory use with swivel fitting (Ref. 50907).1/2" thread.

closeFORAGRES diamond drill bits

FORAGRES diamond drill bits are ideal for drilling stoneware tiles, porcelain tiles and pieces of granite and marble. The FORAGRES range of diamond drill bits includes all the diameters needed to perform the most common drilling for water tapping points, sewers, electrical connections, etc.

closeFORAGRES diamond drill bits kit

The FORAGRES kit is perfect for making holes in ceramic tiles during installation and allows professional ceramic tile installers to get the best results in their finishes. FORAGRES diamond drill bits must ALWAYS be used water-cooled and with a non-percussive power drill.

closeEASYGRES diamond drill bits

EASYGRES drill bits, diameters of 15/64 - 1/2 in., are perfect for installing bathroom accessories or any type of decoration extra on ceramic surfaces and must always be used water-cooled and with the EASYGRES guide, which allows centring and proper cooling, ensuring high accuracy and the best finishes.

closeEASYGRES diamond drill bits kit

The EASYGRES drill kits are the most economical solution for those users who need to make perforations of different diameters in all types of ceramic tiles. The quality of the diamond used in the design and manufacture of the EASYGRES drill bits allows the drilling of stoneware, porcelain stoneware, granite, marble and glass. RUBI offers different construction kits to the construction professional, with configurations adapted to the most common situations.

closeTungsten carbide drill bits

Tungsten carbide drills always work on the non-glazed side of the tile and thanks to the central bit of the head it is not necessary to use any guide. The drills are dry cutting, but it is recommended to lightly wet the tile to reduce the generation of dust during drilling.

closeDRYGRES 4DRILL drill bits

In the DRYGRES 4DRILL range of drill bits, RUBI has used VACUUM BRAZED technology, which increases resistance to temperature and friction, to fix the diamond particles in the cutting area.