closeDX-350-N Laser&Level tile saws

The DX-350 N LASER&LEVEL is a tile saw with a mobile head, equipped with a plunge effect to give professionals great versatility in cuts. It is ideal for cutting all types of ceramic tile and building materials such as; marble, granite, bricks, facing, refractories, etc. The DX-350 N has a motor assembly mounted on sliding bearings and offering maximum precision and reliability that helps to obtain perfect finishes.

closeDS-250-N Laser&Level tile saws

RUBI offers the professional its range of DS-250-N Laser&level tile saws. A range of cutters with highly accurate mobile heads that is ideal for miter cuts. Its powerful 3 HP motor makes the DS-250-N Laser&Level range by RUBI ideal for cutting and miter cuts of all types of ceramic tiles and especially porcelain tiles. Of course, the DS-250-N are also an ideal solution for cutting natural stones such as marble, granite, slate, etc.

closeDX-250 PLUS Laser&Level tile saws

The DX-250 PLUS has a motor assembly, mounted on sliding bearings, offering maximum precision and reliability that helps to obtain perfect finishes. The DX-250 PLUS work with 10 in. diameter blades included.

closeDC-250 tile saws

The DC-250 is ideal for intensive cutting of glazed and stoneware tiles, as well as for cutting porcelain tiles or the occasional cutting of natural stone. DC-250 offers maximum precision and cutting quality.

closeDU-200 EVO tile saw

The DU-EVO tile saw is perfect for general ceramic tile cutting. The DU-200 EVO tile saw is especially suitable for cutting floor BIII type tiles and glazed stoneware (BIIa type) tiles.

closeND-180 tile saw

The ND-180 tile saw falls into the portable cutter category. The ND-180 allows the professional tile installer make the necessary cuts at all times, in the same workplace, reducing travel, corrections and downtime. Its low water consumption and the possibility of fitting a work tray (accessory not included) make it one of the cleanest miter saws on the market.


Discover the full range of RUBI tile saws.

The family of portable tile saws is ideal for producing finishing cuts and all those small jobs and renovations in which making the cuts directly at the place of installation is so important.

In the group of mobile head models, we have models with a miter saw effect to give professionals great versatility in cuts without sacrificing quality in finishes. Within the same group, you can find models without the miter saw effect, which offer the highest quality and precision cutting. Finally, RUBI also has models with sliding tables, ideal for continuous cutting of masonry materials.

The entire range of RUBI tile saws is completed with a great variety of top quality motors, with powers ranging from 0.7 hp for the smaller and more portable models to models with three-phase motors up to 4 hp.

The wide range of tile saws allows us to provide a solution to every type of work; machines with low power motors for odd jobs, a wide range of medium power motors for installers who require all the facilities and get the best results every day, and the most powerful range for intensive cutting and machining work.

In the process of creating our range of tile saws, as with all the tools in the RUBI catalogue, a test period is included in actual work situations in certain domestic and international markets, conducted by a group of trusted industry professionals. This action allows us to identify areas of improvement in our products before putting them on sale and/or adapting them to the needs of the end-user.

Another point to note is that RUBI offers a 2-year guarantee period on all products in the catalogue. For members of the Club RUBI we offer a free extra guarantee at no cost, in addition to regularly sending you information about our promotions and news. For more information, go to our website and fill out the registration form for free.