Tiling ideas

Rubi´s favourite fireplace design projects

As days get shorter and weather gets colder, we retreat indoors to the warmth of our homes, but nothing makes a home more inviting than a warm and cozy fireplace. As a focal point, a fireplace can set the tone for the whole style of your home. Look around you… Most homes, if they have

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Bathroom Projects

When choosing tiles for the bathroom must think first how to distribute them. The latest trend is to use different colors and textures to go delimiting each space in our bathroom. For example, we highlight a wall, the area of the shower or the sink. Font: Geologica Store – www.geologicastores.com At the same time, combinations

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Exterior Waterproofing Sealant

¿Where and how to apply the exterior waterproofing sealant? This exterior waterproofing product that comes from the Rubi factory is for all kinds of porous materials, such as: concrete, brick, stone and tiles. It prevents dirt from penetrating the pores and therefore makes the cleaning process much easier. The treated surface allows general cleaning with

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