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  • What Is a Grout Float and How Do You Use It?

    grout float
    You’ve just learned how to tile and you’re installing your first tile project. Everything looks good except there are spaces between the tiles. What do you do? Simply apply grout between these spaces using a grout float. This creates the impression of a continuous surface. But what is a grout float and how d...
  • Patterned Tiles: A Guide for Installation

    patterned tiles
    Patterned tiles add personality and charm to any space, elevating the aesthetics with their intricate designs and timeless allure. From classic herringbone to contemporary chevron, the world of patterned tiles offers a myriad of possibilities for transforming floors, walls, and even outdoor spaces. If you're conside...
  • Terrazzo Tile: How to use this classic tile

    terrazzo tile
    Terrazzo tile, with its timeless allure and durability, has been gracing homes and public spaces for centuries. Its unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal makes it a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary design projects. Whether you're renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or creating a stunn...
  • How Stone Effect Tiles Can Elevate Your Project

    stone effect tiles
    In the world of interior design and renovation, the use of stone effect tiles has become increasingly popular. These tiles offer a stunning aesthetic similar to natural stone while providing practical benefits and versatility that make them ideal for various spaces within your home. Whether you're renovating a kitch...
  • Can You Tile on Wood?

    can you tile on wood
    When it comes to tiling and learning how to tile, there’s a lot of myths, questions and uncertainty towards a particular question: can you tile on wood? Simply, the answer is yes! By following some simple rules, you are not only able to&...
  • 12 Shower Tile Ideas For The Ultimate Luxury Bathroom

    Luxury Shower Tile Ideas
    Staying on top of the latest tiling trends is key to growing your business. Knowing how to tile these sophisticated trends is the best way to keep your customers happy, so we’ve put together a list of 12 shower tile ideas for the ultimate luxury bathrooms. Take a look at the designs below and get some idea on how yo...
  • Fireplace Tile Ideas: Designs to Inspire You

    Moroccan Fireplace Tile Design
    Fireplaces make a grand statement in every home, so it’s essential for you to know the latest fireplace tile ideas and designs and how to tile them perfectly so that you keep your customers coming back for more. When planned and done right, a fireplace can add warmth and a point of interest in a room. And by adding ...
  • Split Face Tiles: Elevating Your Renovation Project

    split face tiles
    When it comes to renovation projects, split face tiles have emerged as a versatile and aesthetically appealing option for projects. These tiles, characterised by their textured surface and rugged appearance, add depth and visual interest to any space. From accent walls to fireplace surrounds, split face tiles can be...
  • How to Use Textured Tiles in Modern Design

    textured tiles
    Here at RUBI, we consider tiling to be an art form. The intricate work associated with learning how to tile is taxing, but creating something completely unique is a key draw for many to the career path. In this blog we will discuss how to use textured tiles in modern design so that you can keep wowing your customers...
  • Outdoor Tile: Choosing the Best One For You

    Outdoor Tile
    Patios are one of the outdoor living spaces that add the most value to your home. But before you can start setting up your furniture, water features, or fire pits, you need to learn how to tile outdoors first. Deciding on the right type of outdoor tile can be a daunting process if you don’t know what you s...