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  • Preparing a Wall for Tiling: Tools and Major Steps

    preparing a wall for tiling
    Tackling a tile installation without adequately preparing a wall for tiling is a recipe for falling tiles. Tiles transform spaces in a timeless, effortless way that is both practical and beautiful to look at. The key to successful wall tiling lies in assessing and preparing the surface that will support the tiles...
  • Manual Tile Cutter Best Practices & Tips

    manual tile cutter
    In 2019, the United States tile market was valued at around 346.5 billion USD. With numbers like that, it's clear that tilers are in high demand. Knowing how to properly use manual tile cutter is a vital part of your job as a tiller. Experienced tile cutters have mastered the art of planning a room’s tile la...
  • How To Cut Ceramic Tile: Tools & Best Practices

    how to cut ceramic tile
    As a professional tile setter, knowing how to cut ceramic tile is essential to ensuring you don't make any costly mistakes. Ceramic tile is a popular choice of homeowners in various renovation projects. Having the best tile cutting tools at your disposal will make your job even easier. Ceramic tile can be a bit ...
  • How to Measure Floors for Tile Installation the Right Way

    Tile installation isn't something that can be done by just anyone. Well, anyone can lay the tiles down, but we're talking about getting the job done the right way. A proper tile job means even lines, leveled flooring, and so much more.  Tile installation is a big task to complete and before you begin lay...
  • Tiling On: The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Outdoor Tile

    Patios are one of the outdoor living spaces that add the most value to your home. But before you can start setting up your furniture, water features, or fire pits, you need to install the floor first. Deciding on the right type of floor can be a daunting process if you don't know what you should be looking for....
  • How to cut Glass Tile: Tools and Best Practices

    Cutting glass tiles can seem like an intimidating task to take on. Since it has to be cut differently than other tiles, homeowners and DIYers may not know where to start in this kind of tile installation. Learn how to cut glass tile, the right tools and what materials are best for each application, discover it!...
  • The Benefits of Using Large Format Tiles In Your Home

    Have you considered large format tiles for your home but thought they might be the wrong size? These tiles are much bigger than the floor tiles you might expect. They range from 12" x 24" to 40" x 120" inches, sometimes larger size sheets. But that doesn't mean they are too large for most homes. It means that you mi...
  • Top 5 Tile Installation Tools for Any Indoor Project

    Whether you’re trying your hand at DIY or have just been commissioned for a new tiling project, one thing is for sure: without the right tile installation tools, a seemingly small project can quickly go from being a few days work to an impossible (and expensive) task. Not only do your tiling tools need to be of good...
  • Top 7 Tile Styles That Will Trend in 2021

    Style trends of the past could become so specific that within a year or two, they were no longer stylish. As we head into the future, we're seeing a resurgence of timeless tile styles that combine classic interior design with modern sensibilities.  Each year, US homeowners spend a collective $400 billion t...
  • Tile Customization Expert- How Personal Is Your Choice of Materials?

    Homeowners are always looking for ways to add more value to their homes. But, most people always assume the only way to do that is with large scale renovations.  But that's not the case. Tile Customization can be a simple solution to your home redesign project and a way to improve your family's living space, no...