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  • How to Work With Glazed Tiles

    glazed tiles
    You've just finished laying down some beautiful glazed tiles. They're shiny and colorful, and you are proud of the tile installation. But then, as time passes, things start to go south. Some tiles pop up, others crack, and the once-smooth grout lines are now catching dirt. It's clear something did not go ...
  • Technique for Laying Finger Tiles

    Finger Tiles
    You're looking for a way to take a space from mundane to magnificent, and you've decided laying finger tiles is the way to go. But... how do you make this project a reality? Today we're equipping you with the knowledge and techniques you need to do your finger tile instalation so that your finger tiles not only look...
  • Penny Tile Shower Floor: The Ultimate Guide

    penny tile shower floor
    You're looking to transform your shower from simple to stunning. So what's a classic and charming way? The answer is a penny tile shower floor! First though, you must find out how to do a penny tile installation. These tiny tiles pack a big design punch, offering endless possibilities to elevate your bathroom's a...
  • Tiling Corners with Trim: A Comprehensive Guide

    tiling corners with trim
    Tiling corners with trim is a big part of a completed tiling project. But what are the steps you'll need to take to finish your tile installation with style and safety? Today we're diving into the process, from picking your trim material, to installation, to sealing. You'll not only solve the puzzle of those t...
  • How to Cut Ceiling Tiles Like a Pro

    how to cut ceiling tiles
    You're looking to install tiles on the ceiling for a bathroom renovation or even an office makeover, but you aren't sure how to cut ceiling tiles. What now? Don't worry - we've got you covered. Today we're diving into the essentials of tool selection, maintenance, and safety, ensuring your path to a flawless ceiling...
  • How to Lay Bathroom Tile: 5 Easy Steps

    how to lay bathroom tile
    Whether you're replacing an old shabby bathroom floor tile or installing new ones from scratch, you can't beat a ceramic or stone tile installation when it comes to longevity and appearance. Learning how to lay bathroom tile can be an incredibly rewarding experience and it’s often cheaper than you think! ...
  • Tile Spacers – a Must in Your Installation

    There are instances where creativity and working with what you’ve got can alter the result for the better. That is the case of Tile Spacers. In art, for example, those who broke the rules and put their imagination to work were able to create new movements that defined an entire generation. The same goes for gastrono...
  • The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Outdoor Tile

    Patios are one of the outdoor living spaces that add the most value to your home. But before you can start setting up your furniture, water features, or fire pits, you need to install the tile floor first. Deciding on the right type of floor can be a daunting process if you don't know what you should be looking...
  • Learn How to Level a Floor for Tile

    how to level a floor for tile
    Are you looking to do a floor tile installation in your home? If so, there are some important steps you need to consider before the project begins. Surface level isn't just a requirement for new tiles. It's important for existing ones too. Over time, tile floors can shift. Creating a noticeable ripple in the tile's ...
  • How Does Epoxy Grout Differ from Cement Grout?

    In 2018, structural projects consumed approximately three billion square feet of the famous ceramic tile. For the longest time, cement grout has been commonly used by tilers to conjoin these ceramic tiles. As great as it is, cement grout has become an expense that many are re-considering. It’s also not rel...