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  • How to Create a Modern Porcelain Tile Fireplace

    modern porcelain tile fireplace
    Imagine transforming your ordinary fireplace into the stunning centerpiece of your room. This is the power of a modern porcelain tile fireplace. It's time to step beyond traditional, plain fireplaces and embrace something truly eye-catching with an updated tile installation. Porcelain tiles are the game-changer here...
  • How to Select Tiles for a Living Room

    how to select tiles for living room
    It's estimated that the average American spends nearly 90% of their time indoors. That means the living room is more than just a place to relax and entertain guests. It's also a reflection of your personality and style. Choosing the right tiles for the space can make a huge impact on how it feels and how others...
  • Tips for Installing a Porcelain Tile Countertop

    porcelain tile countertop
    Are you interested in having a porcelain tile countertop in your home? If so, you've come to the right place. On average, homeowners pay $2,900 for tile installations for countertops. We are going to tell you how to DIY the installation, what you need, and tips to follow.  When it comes to upg...
  • Pros and Cons of Marble Floor Tiles

    marble floor tiles
    Did you know that there are roughly 450 billion floors sold in the world each year? You can buy new flooring to replace a small area in your space or a full-property remodel. One of the most popular types of floor tile installations used is marble floor tiles. These floors have an everlasting appeal and...
  • 5 Outdoor Kitchen Tile Ideas

    outdoor kitchen tile ideas
    Outdoor kitchens became a highly sought-after trend in 2022. They sparked about 2.18 million Google searches and 71.7 million TikTok video views. This shows the growing desire for homeowners to cook outside their houses. When it comes to designing your outdoor kitchen, the choice of tiles is important. It ...
  • Best Tile for Kitchen Floor: How to Make the Right Choice

    Thanks to HGTV and motivated millennials, the home improvement industry is booming. In fact, it's estimated that Americans spent more than $380 billion last year on home improvements. Of all the home improvement projects, bathroom and kitchen floor renovations led the way.For many people, the kitchen is an integral ...
  • How to Install Grab Bars in Tile Shower: Tips and Steps

    how to install grab bars in tile shower
    Can transforming a mere bathroom into a safe, accessible space be as simple as installing a feature to an already finished tile installation? Installing grab bars in a tile shower makes all the difference. They enhance both safety and accessibility for everyone, irrespective of age or ability. In the wake of an i...
  • How to Tile a Shower Niche: Tips for Pros

    how to tile inside corners
    On average, Americans spend over $500 billion at home improvement stores each year. Most home improvement projects aim to increase the home's value while creating something usable and aesthetically pleasing. A new tile installation would be a good example of such a project. Having a niche in your shower wa...
  • How to Combine Tile and Wood Flooring

    how to combine tile and wood flooring
    Are you wondering how to combine tile and wood flooring in your home because of a new home improvement project, but are unsure of where to start? Combining these two materials can create a unique and stylish look in any room. And studies show that, regardless of your chosen flooring, high-quality flooring ...
  • 5 Tips for Working With Exterior Tile

    exterior tile
    With an industry that commands over $12 billion, a tile installation is no small home improvement project. If you're about to work on an exterior tile project, it's worth taking seriously. You don't want it to end up shabby. Perhaps you're a do-it-yourself home improvement lover. You take pride in caring for...