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7 Easy Steps For Creating An Inlaid Tile Rug

Tile “rugs” are beautiful accent pieces, built out of high-quality tile in order to add a bit of extra flair to a tile installation. By using contrasting tile colors and creating your own ceramic tile “mosaic”, you can add a lot of visual interest to your floor. Thinking about trying to create our own DIY

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Find The Correct Tile Saw For Your Project

There is no shortage of tile saw products out there. From small, DIY hand cutters, to large industrial tile saws, you’ve got plenty of options. Whether you’re a seasoned tiler, or you’re just getting started with your first tile installation, you may be wondering which one to choose. In this article, we’ll discuss the different

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Use the right scoring wheel

Besides using the right tile cutter, it is essential to use the right scoring wheel for your tile installation. Ceramic tiles are continually evolving and the building professionals often face cutting problems as they work with materials that are increasingly more difficult to cut. Fortunately, in the same way that ceramic tiles are evolving, cutting

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