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  • RUBI Diamond Blades: The Most Powerful Tile Saw Blades in the Market

    RUBI Diamond Blades
    Professional tile installers and construction pros agree that diamond blades are a very important component for a neat work. The capability and toughness of a diamond saw are vital to having sharp cuts in your tile and flooring material. The great DC-250 tile saw or any other of the RUBI tile saws will provide great...
  • Tile Installation: How to Lay Tile

    Tile Installation
    A true professional is always looking to improve his craft. So learn everything you need to know from the pros at RUBI in the tile installation. Each step is laid out so that anybody from a DIYer to a seasoned veteran installer can learn something. INDEX 1. How to tile 2. Tools Needed for Tiling 3. How to Til...
  • How To Enhance Ceramic Materials: Proven Techniques And Tools

    After the installation of ceramic materials, you should take additional measures to improve their appearance and conservation. Although nowadays ceramic materials are increasingly technical and of higher quality, there are some useful products available to improve and conserve this type of materials on walls, floors...
  • RUBI Ergonomic Tools That Will Make You Work Better

    Ergonomic Tools
    How many times have you heard or read about ergonomic tools? But, do you know what they really mean? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, ergonomics is "the scientific study of the efficiency of man in his working environment." Therefore, when referring to ergonomic tools, what we are really emphasizing is th...
  • RUBI Updates Its STAR tile cutters… And They Are Awesome

    RUBI applied its industry experience to redesign the STAR tile cutters, which are among the most acclaimed light manual cutters. [caption id="attachment_1473" align="aligncenter" width="640"] STAR tile cutters[/caption] The range of STAR cutters for ceramic tiles has been very successful since its first launch. This...
  • How to improve the finish of silicone joints

    Planes to improve joints finishing
    Why are they necessary They are needed because all tiles expand and contract with temperature and moisture changes. In almost every case the substrate will move differently to the covering material. The larger the tile field, the more it will expand and contract, and be vulnerable to failure. In 95 per cent of today...
  • Cleaning all type of surfaces with cellulose sponges

    cellulose sponges
    Knowing the difference of the sponges in the market, its properties and characteristics, can mean the difference between a good finish and an excellent one. The use of sponges over ceramic coatings has also specialized through past times, the same way other tools have. Sponges, floats and pads for cleaning surfaces ...
  • How to use a professional bucket to clean mortar residue?

    One of the most critical points in the application of grout / mortar joints, especially in white or light colors, is to avoid its contamination, so as not to alter the final color. Within that process, the time of cleaning debris of grout mortar is essential, just as the tools we use. The higher the level of wringin...
  • How to install tiles: step by step and tools you need

    How to install tiles
    Even if it is a simple work, people usually don’t know how to install tiles in a right way at home. The most important thing is having the proper tools and products. Here we show you what you have to do to complete this task successfully. 1) First of all, you have to make sure that the ground or the wall you are goi...
  • This is the cutter RUBI DX-250 Laser&Level

    The electric cutter RUBI DX-250 Laser&Level is one of the most important releases of the company to cut tiles and other building materials at a professional level. In fact, it is one of the most accurate tools in this catalogue of products. There are two things in this electric cutter RUBI DX-250 Laser&Level...