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SOFI Stadium rendering

The new SOFI Stadium knows the power of RUBI red

The new SOFI stadium  is an ongoing project set to open this year that will be home to the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams football organizations.  What you may not know is this state of the art stadium that is pegged to host Super Bowl LVI in 2022, and the Olympics in 2028 uses RUBI Tools to accomplish and maintain construction and keep installation going smoothly. Contractors have learned about the value of using RUBI Tools for their project developments. RUBI Tools can handle the most complex and detailed projects when used properly. Read on to learn how to use these tile cutters and saws. You will also find out how you can be trained in how to use RUBI tools on your own complex or common development projects.

SOFI Stadium construction site

New SOFI Stadium Development 

There is an innovative design that requires the latest generation material cutter for most ceramic tiles on the market, the line of RUBI TZ Cutters are here to help. Contractors are using this unique tiling cutting solution in the new SOFI Stadium construction development.  It has a patented head guidance system that gives you smooth and accurate scoring that can’t be beat. The SOFI Stadium needed accurate scoring even if there were load pressure increases at the breaks. It’s the brilliance of the innovative design that gives you smoother and more precise head movement for up to 0.826 inches (21mm aprox.) thickness.  

On the other hand, RUBI Tools has developed the RUBI Slab System as the perfect tiling kit tool for transportation and maneuverability of large format or slabs size tile sheets of different materials. These materials trending now for interior design, are part of the challenge at the SOFI Stadium development. When contractors are using specialty materials like at SOFI stadium, sometimes installers need the proper training.

At RUBI Tools, we offer complementary training & demonstrations with instructions on how to use this equipment safely and accurately.  We like to ensure that any installer using RUBI  tools to improve their work environment, knows what it takes to get the best end result. That explains how you find the power of RUBI red from our tools working on the most complex installation projects, or also on any relatively simple design project. Part of the importance has a direct correlation to the training for how to use the tools effectively and efficiently.

When executing a complex installation project like in stadiums or arenas, it requires more than one demonstration or training session. Consultations remotely through video conference with our RUBI technicians and team of experts are now available. They are providing their knowledge from a distance but helping to avoid mistakes on site, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a large or small project. Rubi team is ready to help.

Safety in using heavy duty equipment needs to be front and center for anyone who uses construction tools.

The good news is we have teams to help from coast to coast and worldwide. In California, The SOFI Stadium has 298 mixed-use acres. It will feature from retail & commercial, to office space, hotel and residential units, with an outdoor parking lot. So you can imagine the size team and personnel involved in this development. To give a little more scale of the size of this arena, this is a 70,000 seat stadium. It will serve as home to the Rams and Chargers. A state-of-the-art development that uses cutting edge dynamics for the construction of this stadium.

Unconventional project design & installations, with their applicable tools.

Every architectural design created and implemented by using equipment and tools that help facilitate the project’s completion. To do that, often, contractors need equipment and materials that are robust. They want their equipment to offer great strength and be easy to transport.  

When the design or installation project  involves various types of tile, different finishes and textures get mixed in the same space. Not only does the tile have to meet specific project needs, but the contractors benefit from having a RUBI team behind them for demonstrations and training. This gives them more instruction and confidence on how to install various substrates. That way, you have contractors who can meet their timing schedules while installing enhanced tiles. Installing different types of tiles isn’t hard; however, if you don’t have the right tools, you’ll find it almost impossible to install it well.  

That’s why every contractor will tell you, their work is only as good as their tools. The professional tile installer knows that proper tools reduce the force generated while cutting large format tiles.  They were in need of a tool that is capable of intensive cutting for all various types of substrates. RUBI found the solution. 

SOFI Stadium needed the most powerful tile tools on earth from it’s early stages.

RUBI Tools became the equipment of choice for the stadium’s ceramic and natural stone needs. From maneuvering and performing cuts on a variety of these materials, during strict deadlines and delivery dates.

Most professional installers want an adjustable lateral stop for repetitive cuts. They also want to have a powerful separator that they can operate with one hand, preferably. RUBI cutting tools haves interchangeable scoring wheels (from 05/16″ to 07/8″) providing that extra benefit of working with various thicknesses.

Truly there’s nothing our RUBI tile cutters or saws can’t do in combination with our slab system for large formats. Also find our tile leveling system, capable of keeping tile cutting without lippage. The perfect pairing to get end results as fantastic as the new SOFI Stadium’s cutting edge design.

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