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For cutting the most difficult materials!

RUBI has expanded its range of scoring wheels so that professional tile fitters can choose the most appropriate one for each type of ceramic tile. Each type of material presents a different level of cutting difficulty depending on its roughness, hardness, height, internal stresses and surface finish.

The available range of scoring wheels has been expanded with the addition of the ENDURE scoring wheels. Endure is for cutting HIGHLY DIFFICULT materials, such as, porcelain, stoneware or ceramic tiles with rough or structured surfaces.
ENDURE scoring wheels last 200% longer (LONGLIFE) compared to standard scoring wheels. They consist of an ᴓ 8 mm roller guide made of tungsten carbide to produce exact and precise incisions.

ENDURE scoring wheels are compatible with all ranges of RUBI manual cutters. The user can find them, both for the ranges with 10 mm calipers (TS-MAX, TR-MAGNET, SPEED-MAGNET, STAR, etc.) and for the upper ranges with 12 mm caliber (TZ and TX-MAX) .

The scoring wheels in the ENDURE range are supplied in a practical blister box with a screw-on lid, which allows us to store and protect our scoring wheels after each working day. Thus offering greater protection and ease of maintenance of our products.



EXTREME Scoring Wheels

The EXTREME scoring wheels and rollers when mounted on a bearing, completely eliminates the friction of the wheel itself with the wheel shaft. This combination allows the behavior of the EXTREME scoring wheel to be much superior to the rest, offering a soft scratch and a expanded life of 300%, compared to SILVER scoring wheels and rollers under the same conditions of use.

The EXTREME range of rollers are specially designed and recommended for scratching ceramic materials with rough and or structured finishes (textures or reliefs).

The EXTREME rotors are compatible with the RUBI range of cutters: TS-MAX, TR-MAGNET and SPEED-MAGNET in its 10 mm caliber version and with the TZ and TX-MAX ranges in the 12 mm caliber version. In addition, the EXTREME roller from RUBI is compatible with the TQ, TP-T and TP-S manual cutters. It is also compatible with the manual SLIM CUTTER for ceramic sheet cutting system from the SLAB SYSTEM product range.

Enjoy the videos below to learn everything about these improved scoring wheels and follow our Youtube channel for more videos like these ones. 

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