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  • NEW DELTA LEVEL SYSTEM: Small improvements that make a good product GREAT

    New Delta Level System
    Levelling systems are undergoing a revolution, just like tile spacers in the past. It is hard to find a professional installer of ceramic tiles that hasn't heard of levelling systems. There are many advantages to using this type of product, and increasingly fewer disadvantages. Just in case there is someone wh...
  • RUBI UK, 15 Years Building Together

    15 Years Building Together
    RUBI celebrates its 15th birthday in the UK and Ireland  It’s already been 15 years since we opened the doors in the UK and Ireland. It was in April 2004, when we started running RUBI UK with a team of 7 employees, 4 of whom still work in the company. The main professional cutters at that time were the TS an...
  • TX MAX: A new generation of RUBI cutters

    TX-MAX, a new generation of RUBI cutters
    Why the RUBI TX MAX is one of the best and most advanced manual tile cutters currently on the market. The TX MAX is a high-performance professional manual cutter that makes the job of tilers much easier thanks to its patented breaker mechanism, which locks the pressure pad by means of a ratchet mechanism and unlo...
  • The Slim System cuts large format porcelain tiles and the Slim Breaker breaks it all!

    The Slim System cuts large format porcelain tiles
    Discover the manual cutting system for SLIM SYSTEM, from the manual cutter to the breaker, designed for the manual cutting of large format tiles and thickness ranging from 3 to 8 mm. The system is well-known, not only for its versatility in adapting to different formats, but for its ease and ability to make the c...
  • RUBI, innovating and evolving since 1951

    RUBI, innovating and evolving since 1951
    April 2018… for many, this will not mean anything, but for the RUBI brand it means a lot… RUBI turns 67! On April 10, 1951, a young Joan Boada, presented in the Registration and Patent office of Barcelona, ​​the request for the invention of a new tool: the manual cutter for mosaic and tile, a tool that would bec...
  • RUBI presents the C3 System to improve the cutting performance

    The C3 System has been designed and patented by RUBI, only for DU-EVO and DV electric cutters
    The C3 System has been designed and patented by RUBI, only for DU-EVO and DV electric cutters. Thanks to the C3 System, the user can select the water diffuser's position depending the material being cut, getting more efficient blade cooling and cleaning, and so, a better blade care. The names of these 3 concepts ...
  • Building Together- The new RUBI Blog

    New RUBI Blog
    The new RUBI blog is aiming to be the new meeting point for Construction Professionals! From fresh news on our great range of RUBI products, relevant info on the construction sector industry to specialised advice and knowledge on materials, tools & equipment for cutting tiles. We will also give you tips and tric...