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  • Porcelain Floor Tiles: How to prepare and install them

    porcelain floor tiles
    Whether you’ve been installing porcelain floor tiles for years or you’re just learning how to tile, you can’t deny that this material can add a certain charm to any room. From the kitchen to the bathroom to the living room, even outside, they can be used anywhere. Porcelain tiles are attractive, durable, and require...
  • How to Cut a Circle in Tile: Everything Pros Need to Know

    how to cut a circle in tile
    Are you getting ready to learn how to tile your bathroom this summer? You’re in great company. Research shows tile sales made up 13% of the $23 billion US flooring industry market in 2019, falling behind only resilient flooring (e.g., vinyl and linoleum) and carpet. Tile is popular due to being durabl...
  • Rectified tile: what it is, characteristics and how to lay it.

    Rectified Tile
    You have probably heard the phrase rectified tile before, but you might not know exactly what it is. In this blog we will discuss what a rectified tile is, its characteristics and how to tile it. WHAT IS RECTIFIED TILE? The term rectified tile simply refers to a tile whose edges have been ground or sa...
  • Notched trowel – A Must Have on The Building Site

    Notched Trowel
    When you learn how to tile, keeping up with the changes in the industry is vital. Throughout these changes, the tools used when tiling can also change. One of the most commonly used tools for laying ceramic tiles nowadays is the notched trowel. Changes are common to keep up with the advancements in the i...
  • Ceramic tiles: basic concepts, types, and characteristics

    Ceramic Tiles
    Ceramic tiles are thin pieces made of clay, silica, dyes and other raw materials to make floors and wall tiles. The best-known types of ceramic tiles are stoneware tiles or porcelain stoneware. To know how to tile and install ceramic tiles correctly, we must know the material we are dealing with.  There...
  • Porcelain tile drill bits: types and how to drill for a perfect finish

    porcelain tile drill bits
    What type of drill bit do I need for porcelain tile? When we install porcelain tiles for flooring and wall coverings we will often need to drill holes. These can be for junction boxes, sockets, lights, drains or pipes. There can be many questions about how to tile porcelain and the correct tile drill bits to use....

    Ceramic Cutters
    When you learn how to tile, choosing the right ceramic cutters is more complex than you might think. You might want to focus on the price or the cutting length, but there is more to it than that. In this post we will focus on which ceramic cutters are best for the type of work you will be carrying out. A few thin...
  • What is the difference between mortar and cement: everything you need to know

    What's the difference between mortar and cement?
    The terms mortar and cement can be confusing when learning how to tile. Even for some professionals, it is sometimes difficult to explain the difference between mortar and cement. Many people tend to define both materials as substances that are used in construction to harden a surface or used as an adhe...
  • Can You Lay Tiles Over Tiles? How to Do It Right

    can you lay tiles over tiles
    You might have taken on a few small home improvement projects over the coronavirus pandemic, or you might be considering DIY projects with the current cost of living crisis in the UK. But now you're asking "can you lay tiles over tiles?" It's a good question to ask. With the home improvement trend being here to stay...
  • Installing Tile Floor: 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid

    installing tile floor
    It can be overwhelming figuring out where to start when you first learn how to tile and you're installing tile floor. Billions of square feet of floor tile are installed in US homes each year and the UK has seen similar trends. If you're learning how to tile, mistakes are inevitable. However, these mistak...