Tips & Tricks

Care and maintenance of your RUBI manual cutter

Which are the tips and tricks to get the maximum quality and durability of your RUBI manual cutters One of the aspects that the ceramic tile fixer has very clear, is that the acquisition of a manual RUBI cutter is a safe investment. Not only for the quality and profitability of the tool, but also

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How to design and fit movement joints

If the tile-to-tile joints between ceramic tiles are the essential elements for reducing the rigidity of a tile covering on its outermost layer (that formed by the tiles themselves), then the movement joints constitute the multilayer construction solution for absorbing the different types of forces arising from the movements generated in the substrates and/or the

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Why you should have the Club RUBI APP

In the beginning of 2018 there were almost 4 million different apps available for smartphone users. For the specific branch of construction this number is much smaller but can still be a labyrinth with over 1000 different apps to choose from. RUBI would like to guide you offering a unique all-in-one APP that includes: information

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