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  • How to Lay Outdoor Tiles – Step By Step

    how to lay outdoor tiles
    If you are looking for a new look for your patio, something modern and stylish, you could consider learning how to tile 20mm porcelain tiles. Learning how to lay outdoor tiles will give it a contemporary feel, although not the most cost efficient. There are a number of ways to tile an exterior, the most e...
  • Porcelain Paving Pros and Cons: Everything You Need to Know

    Porcelain paving is the quality choice for outdoor paving and is a cost-effective alternative to the now old-fashioned look of wooden decking. Using porcelain paving for a patio or landscaping project adds a sophisticated feel to any outdoor area and is the latest trend in outdoor paving design. Read on as we take a...
  • Outdoor Tile: Choosing the Best One For You

    Outdoor Tile
    Patios are one of the outdoor living spaces that add the most value to your home. But before you can start setting up your furniture, water features, or fire pits, you need to learn how to tile outdoors first. Deciding on the right type of outdoor tile can be a daunting process if you don’t know what you s...
  • How to Lay Patio Slabs: A Guide for Pros

    how to lay patio slabs
    Do you know how to lay patio slabs? For many this is a very ambiguous topic. For others, it’s like water off a duck’s back. Whether you’re just learning how to tile for outdoor projects or you’re a seasoned professional, let’s remind ourselves of some important tasks to do so you avoid potential problems. When it...
  • How to Build a Retaining Wall: Top Tips for Professionals

    how to build a retaining wall
    If you want to build a retaining wall in the UK, especially if it's a larger and more complex project, it's generally best left to professionals. However, if you have experience in construction and want to attempt it yourself, it's essential learn how to tile it and to follow proper guidelines to ensure safety and l...
  • Concrete Base: How to Lay It and What Tools You Need

    concrete base
    Laying a concrete base in the UK follows a standard process that involves preparing the site, creating formwork/shuttering, mixing, and pouring the concrete, and finishing the surface. It’s key to know how to tile and install a concrete base, and in this blog, we will outline a step-by-step guide to ensure success w...
  • The Sub-base – It’s Importance in Outdoor Paving Projects

    the sub-base
    Welcome to "The Sub-base," a comprehensive guide to understanding the critical role of this element in outdoor paving projects. In this article, we will explore why the sub-base is the foundation for success and longevity in patio and road construction. John Roberts, a seasoned professional from Greentop Landscapes ...
  • How to Lay Porcelain Slabs

    How to lay porcelain slabs
    If you’re working in the landscaping sector, then knowing how to tile and lay porcelain paving slabs is hugely important. Pavestone UK LimitedFacebook Instagram Twitter Having an outdoor entertaining area is vital for those long summer nights with family and friends. Having a patio makes a garden much more...
  • How to Cut Porcelain Tile: Common Issues and Best Tools

    How to cut porcelain tile
    So, you think you know everything about how to tile kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, even outdoor patios. But do you know how to cut porcelain tile correctly? If you’re into DIY home improvement, you don’t want to find cracked or failed tile further down the line and end up having to pay more money to have it ...

    laying porcelain tiles outside
    You’re searching for a new ‘look’ for your patio. Something modern & stylish that’s easy to maintain and deal with the varying weather conditions. You could consider 20mm porcelain tiles as an option for the outside of your home. It will give it a contemporary feel to your patio and is easy to maintain. In today...