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  • What is grout? Everything you need to know

    What is grout heading image
    If you’re just learning how to tile, you will hear this word a lot. So, what is grout? Why do you need it? Is there a right and wrong one to use? In this blog we will teach you everything you need to know. What is grout? Using an adhesive / mortar mix when laying tiles on walls or floors is n...
  • Floor Tile Adhesive: Best type for each case

    Mixing floor tile adhesive
    You’ve put in the time and learned how to tile, and now you’re starting to get your own jobs. But which floor tile adhesive is the best to use for the job you've got? Your worst nightmare would be if your client calls you after two months to say the tiles you've laid have warped, cracked, curled, or moved. Where did...
  • Bathroom Tiles Design: Styles You Can Use

    Coloured grout bathroom tile designs
    Bathrooms – one of the most popular home renovation projects that tiling professionals take on throughout the year. Whether you’re just learning how to tile or are a tiling veteran, this type of project is one that will always appear in your calendar. So, keeping up to date with the tiling trends in this area of the...

    How to cut tile
    As a professional tile installer, knowing how to tile and cut ceramic, porcelain and stone tile, is essential to ensuring you don’t make any costly mistakes. Tiles are a popular choice of homeowners in various renovation projects and having the best tile cutting tools at your disposal will make your j...
  • How to Use a Tile Levelling System

    tile levelling system
    The main objective of all the tools manufactured by RUBI is to facilitate the professional's work in handling, cutting and laying all types of tiles. To this end, RUBI offers the result of more than 70 years of experience in the sector and manufactures tools such as the tile levelling system to make life easier for ...
  • Tiling Tips: Best Tips and Tricks for Successful Tile Installation

    tiling tips
    In the following article, you will find the best tiling tips and everything you need to know for a successful tile installation.    12 Top tiling tips We will discuss some of our top tips to think about when starting your tiling project to leave you with all your boxes ticked ...
  • 7 Easy Steps for Drilling Into Tile

    You better know how to drill through tile perfectly, even though you think you’ve completed yet another successful tiling project. The design is exquisite, the tiles are perfectly cut, and everything lays evenly. It’s quite the piece of art. But, your job is not ready yet. Now comes the part that...
  • ECD Diamond Blade: Excellence and versatility at its finest

    ECD Electroplated Diamond blades for cutting and roughing At the end of 2017, RUBI launched a new diamond disc: the ECD. The ECD diamond blade is designed to be used for dry cutting and roughing of any natural stone or ceramic material, with thicknesses of less than 25 mm. Thanks to its M14 thread connection, the...
  • Gold and glory in WorldSkills Kazan 2019

    Mark Scott, supported by RUBI UK, achieved the world class standard in Wall and Floor and received a Medallion of Excellence.
    Mark Scott, supported by RUBI UK, achieved the world class standard in Wall and Floor and received a Medallion of Excellence. The tiling young apprentice supported by RUBI UK, Mark Scott, has completed the WorldSkills finals in Kazan, being ranked 7th in the world and achieved the ‘World class standard’ in Wall a...
  • RUBI UK, 15 Years Building Together

    15 Years Building Together
    RUBI celebrates its 15th birthday in the UK and Ireland  It’s already been 15 years since we opened the doors in the UK and Ireland. It was in April 2004, when we started running RUBI UK with a team of 7 employees, 4 of whom still work in the company. The main professional cutters at that time were the TS an...