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Fireplace Tile Ideas: Designs to Inspire You

Fireplaces make a grand statement in every home, so it’s essential for you to know the latest fireplace tile ideas and designs and how to tile them perfectly so that you keep your customers coming back for more.

When planned and done right, a fireplace can add warmth and a point of interest in a room. And by adding tile to it, you create something that is more unique and interesting. As a stunning design element in a home, you’ll want to know what the latest trends are for tiling around a fireplace.

To help kick you get inspired, we’ve put together some beautiful design ideas that can be used in every home.

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Fireplace tile ideas

1. Modern Marble

Sometimes sticking with what you know is best. Why not use a simple herringbone pattern with beautiful tiles, like these marble effect ones, to create a visually stunning centrepiece in your customer’s living room?

fireplace tile ideas

This simple yet effective design allows your customers to update the look of their sitting area without clashing with the design of the tile around their fireplace. It will forever be in style.

2. Stacked Square

One thing to keep in mind for fireplace tile ideas is that you are keeping the focus on the face of the fireplace rather than the mantle. It’s often thought that the mantle is the most decorative part of the fireplace, but this design will have you thinking again.

fireplace tile ideas

By using these decorative stacked square tiles, you can create a unique element for your client that will leave everyone wanting one for themselves!

3. Wall to Wall Tiles

If you discover truly stunning tile, you shouldn’t feel as though you need to limit it to your fireplace surround. In this chic living room, gorgeous sapphire blue arabesque tiles stretch up to the base of a mantel and then span the walls on either side.

fireplace tile ideas

This will draw the eye around the room ending at the beautiful fireplace in the centre. What better way to leave an impression on everyone who sees your work?

4. Multifaceted Tile

One style that has long been in fashion is multifaceted tiles around a fireplace. By using a material such as slate, you embrace the natural feel that a fireplace creates, even if it’s electric or gas.

fireplace tile ideas

Paired with neutral earth tones, this creates a warm and inviting space for those cosy nights in.

5. Textured Fireplace Tile Ideas

A fireplace is a centrepiece in a home. Therefore, why not embrace tiles that add some texture and interest to this design element?

fireplace tile ideas

This room brings together various colours and consistencies to establish a comfortable, homey vibe that’s enhanced by the tiles and texture they add to the room.

6. Large Format Tiles

If your client is looking for a cleaner, more sophisticated tile around their fireplace, consider using large format sheets to create an eye-catching face to the centrepiece.  

fireplace tile ideas

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This fireplace tile idea can be paired with neutral decorations around it so that your focus stays on the tile.

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7. Centred Focus

Though a fireplace is typically the centrepiece of a living area, you’ll often find a TV in these areas too. If your customer wants to show them both off, then consider tiling around both the fireplace and the TV. This creates a unique and cohesive design in the main living area.

fireplace tile ideas

Tiling around both of these items pulls the room together and highlights both elements.

8. Floor to Ceiling Fireplace Tile Idea

Sometimes, less is more, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go all out in the design. Simply by taking the tiles all the way to the ceiling (such as in the image below), you can add a layer of sophistication to what is already a modern living space.

fireplace tile ideas

9. Cohesive Tiling

A cohesive design in a home can help to make the space feel larger than it is. By continuing the tile from the kitchen or bathroom into the living room and fireplace area, it can pull the rooms together. This makes them appear as one large space rather than individual rooms that have all been treated differently.

fireplace tile ideas

These grey and off-white tiles pair perfectly with the light tones in the design of this home. This helps keep the space bright and airy.

10. Off Centre

Lastly, why not break the mould? Moving the fireplace off centre draws you in. It allows your customers to go bold with their surrounding decorations and the tile used around the fireplace.

fireplace tile ideas

This powder blue tile seems understated at first. However, when you look at it more closely, you can see the subtle colour differences in each tile and how well it’s balanced by the plant and the rug on the floor.

There you have it! Our top 10 fireplace tile design ideas for 2023. Share this blog with your friends and colleagues so they can learn our tips and tricks and stay up to date with our latest news!

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