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Luxury Shower Tile Ideas

12 Shower Tile Ideas For The Ultimate Luxury Bathroom

Staying on top of the latest tiling trends is key to growing your business. Knowing how to tile these sophisticated trends is the best way to keep your customers happy, so we’ve put together a list of 12 shower tile ideas for the ultimate luxury bathrooms. Take a look at the designs below and get some idea on how you can produce the best work for your customers.

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Custom Quilt Tiling

Shower Tile Ideas
Julee Y Adan Serrano

There are many patterns and layouts that you can use to make shower tile interesting in a bathroom. Consider using your creative side to produce something completely unique, like this custom quilt tiling from Julee Y Adan Serrano.

This design includes many intricate cuts and plenty of planning. Make sure you plan ahead and set your tiles out in the design before you start.

This is also a good opportunity to include a few complimentary colours into a design to pull the room together.

Wrap Around Bath Panelling

Shower Tile Ideas
Michael Wilson

Another way to make a bathroom feel luxurious is to tile the side of the bath. Add some flair by using Moroccan printed tiles for more personality.

Another thing to consider is including a hidden panel. This way, the plumbing can be accessed without ruining your great work.

Can you see where the hidden panel is in this design? Michael Wilson has cleverly hidden the access panel in this project so that it blends in with the rest of the tile.

Shower Tile Ideas
Alan Harrison

Accent Niches

Niches in showers add much needed storage space for various soaps and shampoos. Why not take them the extra mile and add an accent tile into these often overlooked areas?

By simply adding a different tile into the niches you create a sophisticated look that can be appreciated time and time again.

Earth Tones

Earth Tone Shower Ideas

It’s no surprise that earth tones promote relaxation. What’s better than to include them in one of the most relaxing spaces in a home?

Tiles with a natural hues, such as dark green, paired with wood effect tiles on the floor can create an environment that mimics nature. Go one step further and search for tiles with a floral or natural pattern to further promote relaxation.

Metal Inlay

Another of our shower tile ideas that adds luxury is including a metal inlay to the grout to add a pop of colour. By paring this with the metal fixtures in the shower, the look will be cohesive and fluid.

Go the extra mile and line up the grout lines with the fixtures to add that extra bit of design that will be appreciated by keen eyes.

Nanci Jaye, Spence Pier
On Point Flooring llc

Custom Mosaic

Creating a completely unique mosaic in your customers shower is another way to add luxury and sophistication.

The time it takes to plan this out will be appreciated by all, so why not show off your creativity and and create a piece that everyone will remember?

This work by Nanci Jaye and Spence Pier is beautiful, unique, and leaves a lasting impression.

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Custom Shower Tile Ideas
Custom Mosaic’s by Connie, Elizabeth Anne Roberts

Custom Tiles

Similar to creating a custom mosaic, you can also use custom tiles. These shower tiles can be purchased from select specialists.

You may need to work around these unique shapes with grout and other tiles to complete the look, but the overall finish is bound to make an impression.

By using specialist tiles, you can show the thought process that goes into your work and your dedication to creating something special for your client.

Floor to Ceiling Tiles

One trick for adding sophistication and luxury to a bathroom area is to take your tiles all the way from the floor to the ceiling. This strategy elevates your design and makes things cohesive.

You can compliment it by incorporating clever uses of light into your design. By enhancing natural light or using LED strip lights, you can bounce the light around the room to make the space feel larger than it really is.

Colour or Glow in the Dark Grout

Luxury doesn’t just come in white or off-white tiles. Incorporating colour into your shower tile ideas adds personality. This doesn’t have to be just in the tiles you use. Coloured grout is an option that can add a fantastic contrast.

Another unique material you can use is glow in the dark grout! This can really define an area of interest in the design, such as in this mesmerising octopus art by Joshua Nordstrom. The grout can really be appreciated in the dark.

Define Sections in the Space

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Working in larger areas means you have more space to be creative but, when tiling a large room in one colour, the space can feel bare. Why not give each section of the bathroom its own design? By using tiles you can mark out the different areas in the space.

By defining each section of the room with a different tile you can create a truly luxurious experience.  

Old and New

Sometimes a modern take on a classic is all you need to make something feel luxurious. Consider mixing styles together. A sophisticated style can be achieved by incorporating some rustic features into a modern home with your shower tile ideas.

Large Format Tile Pieces

large format shower tile ideas

What better way to introduce some luxury into your bathroom or shower room than by using large format tiles? These can often have patterns in them, which can be matched around the room to create a stunning visual effect or used in one area as a statement piece.

Of course, when it comes to cutting and laying large format tiles you will need the tools to do the job, so make sure you take a look at our TZ 1800 and Slab Cutter G3 for your tile cutting needs and our Slab Trans System for transporting these tiles.

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