cutting blades

ECD Diamond Blade: Excellence and versatility at its finest

ECD Electroplated Diamond blades for cutting and roughing At the end of 2017, RUBI launched a new diamond disc: the ECD. The ECD diamond blade is designed to be used for dry cutting and roughing of any natural stone or ceramic material, with thicknesses of less than 25 mm. Thanks to its M14 thread connection,

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There is no need to say that to work with large format tiles you will need large tools, such as a tile cutter and worktable. However, there are also smaller accessories that you may not think about, but which are still very helpful if you want to achieve the best results. We have listed the

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Diamond bits for tile drilling. DRYGRES 4DRILL

Welcome to a new RUBI post! This time, we are here to explain to you about one of our favourite product families: diamond bits for tile drilling. Many of you know RUBI better, as the pioneers in the design and manufacturing of tile cutters, more than products such as bit drills or diamond blades. However,

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