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Tiling Courses to learn how to tile

Tiling Courses: Best Courses to Learn How to Tile

Working in the construction industry is a secure career choice for many but it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why, in this article, we want to talk about the many tiling courses available to learn how to tile and kickstart your career.

There are a lot of different industries within the construction sector. Tiling, landscaping, plumbing, and plastering to name a few. For each of these industries, there are many courses you can take, so we will discuss some of the starter courses available as well as the more in-depth courses available. Furthermore we will also go over their prices, and the qualifications each course offers.

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Beginner Courses

If you want to see how a career in tiling might suit you, consider starting with a 4-day course. Expert Tiling Courses UK offer training in the basics of tiling, which will give you a solid start for a career in tiling.

“The broad scope of the content covered, and the intensive learning structure, even if you have no previous tiling experience you can learn everything you need to know and develop the confidence in your practical tiling skills to enable you to start work as a professional tiler.”

Expert Tiling Courses UK

Expert Tiling Courses UK also offer a 1-day business development course as an optional add on to the 4-day course. Taking advantage of this additional training will help you set yourself apart from the average tiler. Additionally, the business development course can be completed the same week as the 4-day course.

From here, their courses go up to a 9-day advanced intensive course, and a 13-day expert course. In the 9-day advanced course, you will learn everything from the 4-day course as well as a 1-day business development course. This course also includes an extra 4 days of advanced wall and floor tiling to round out your experience.

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Intermediate Tiling Courses

This 13-day course takes three weeks to complete and includes everything from the shorter courses with an additional 4 days of training. This additional training covers more demanding layouts and patterns that a tiler is likely to come across in their career.

The price for training run by Expert Tiling Courses UK range from £599 – £1699 with monthly payment plans available too.

You can find details on their courses here
You can see pricing information here

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With hundreds of courses available, this list would not be complete without mentioning City and Guilds. Their basic 5-day training course is aimed at those who want to learn some basic tiling skills.

Upon completion you’ll gain an Able Skills certificate from City and Guilds. This course covers both wall and floor tiling and can be a stepping stone to the more intensive courses they offer. This course will cost £445.

Intensive Tiling Courses

If you’re looking for a more intensive training, consider the 3 week DIY Tiling Course that City and Guilds offer for £1295. After this course, they offer a 4 week training programme which includes everything from the 3 week course along with a week dedicated to natural stone, such as slate. This course will cost you £1695.

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Lastly, if you’re committed to tiling as a career, City & Guilds offers an 8-week training course. This gives you a more intensive tiling training, including a look at plastering to give you all the skills needed to be able to tile in every area. This course gives you a complete set of skills to start your own business and will cost £2,995. It can lead also you into a level 3 course.

You can find links to the courses discussed in this blog below. Working in the construction industry can be a highly rewarding and long-lasting career, so make sure to send this blog to any friends and colleagues interested in this field

YTA Tiling Courses

City and Guilds

Able Skills Courses

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