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How Large Format Tile Transforms Spaces

Whether you’ve known how to tile for many years or if you’re still new to tiling, it’s evident that large format tile is becoming increasingly popular.

There are a lot of benefits to working with large format tile, especially if you have the experience needed to handle this format of tile. However, without the proper tools needed to install large format tile, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. In this blog we’ll talk about what exactly is a large format tile, the tools needed to install large format tile, and its benefits.

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large format tile
RAK Ceramics, Taj Mahal


Large format tile often comes in ceramic or porcelain materials. The common sizes start at 30x30cm tiles, but can work their way up to 120x120cm, all the way up to 120x280cm or bigger.

Tiles of this size are often used as wall coverings, flooring, and even as worktops. They can create a seamless appearance, which promotes a high-end finish.

Large format tile manufactures can also make these tiles look like various materials. From natural stones such as marble and onyx, to metal and concrete. The versatility of these designs and how the tiles can be used has made them very popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why.


As we’ve discussed, large porcelain or ceramic slabs and tiles are extremely versatile. Newer tile slabs are also coming in XL sizes. You can cover entire walls or floors inside of commercial spaces in no time.

Decorating a wall or floor in a large space with natural stone is extremely cumbersome, and expensive. Large tile slabs are a lot lighter than natural stones.

One of the major benefits of using large format tiles is that there are fewer joints and seams. This means less grout and fewer grout lines. You’ll be able to run your hand along a wall or floor and not feel any seams or line breaks.

Fewer grout lines also mean a sleeker appearance, easier installation, and less maintenance. Grout is hard to keep clean. If you don’t maintain your grout, it can also start to look dirty.


Large format tile is great for countertops, especially porcelain. Because porcelain is heat resistant, you can put a hot pan right on top of the surface without worrying about damage. This makes large tile slabs a nice option for kitchen islands and countertops.

When it comes to wear and tear, porcelain is also stain-free. It is virtually impossible to stain a porcelain surface. Marble and quartz however do stain and can be difficult to keep clean. A porcelain slab or large tile is also difficult to crack or scratch. This durable surface is perfect for areas that get a lot of traffic. From the bathroom to the kitchen or even commercial spaces, large format tile will stand up to heavy wear and tear.

large format tile
RAK Ceramics, Black Beauty


Large format porcelain tiles are easy to maintain. You can use any multi-purpose cleaner you’re already using to keep your surfaces clean.

To clean floors, walls, or most surfaces, you will normally wipe them clean with a damp cloth and your cleaner of choice. With natural stones such as marble and granite, you have to think about what you’re using. Abrasive materials, buffers, or certain cleaners can cause long lasting or permanent damage. With a large format tile in porcelain this isn’t a worry.

Large ceramic tiles require the same cleaning as their smaller counterparts. With fewer grout lines, however, they are much lower maintenance. Another win for the large format tile.


Installing porcelain or ceramic large format tile can be tricky, which is why a professional with the proper tools should be the one doing it. The size and scale of these trendy materials makes the weight and transportation important factors to consider. 

With smaller formats, you have a larger margin for mistakes to occur, as you will often buy more tiles than needed in case you make a wrong cut, or some get damaged in transport or simply break on site. However, with large format tile however, these mistakes are far more costly.

Typically, only the tiles needed for the installation are ordered, with one or two more in case of error. Large format tiles are more expensive than their smaller format counterparts, which is the main downside. However, the payoff with the completed look is worth it.

Before installing large format tile, you will also need to make sure you prepare the surface properly and triple check your measurements. Typically, large format tile installation is secured by using mortar with contact cement. Using an epoxy material, the tile seams are bonded together. Once this is done, you will barely see the seams at all.

Large ceramic tiles have lots of advantages and this is why they are becoming so popular. Additionally, both ceramic and porcelain materials have a look and feel that imitates nature and is aesthetically pleasing.


Large ceramic tiles and porcelain slabs come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. You can find a tile to match any décor. From large Mediterranean-style ceramics to cool modern porcelains, tiles come in thousands of options.

If you’re looking to install a detailed pattern, you can do so without having to worry about matching the seams because these tiles are so large that connecting patterns is easy.

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You can use large slab tiles in several areas of your home. You can lay these tiles around a bathtub, in your shower, the kitchen counter, on fireplaces, giant feature walls, and in flooring. Below are a few ideas.


One of the most popular places to use large format tile is on shower walls. You can create a marble look for a lot less money.


For a modern-looking tub surround, ceramic or porcelain slab tiles are a beautiful choice. With little to no grout, you can create a seamless wall in the pattern of your choice. You can custom fit your surface to surround your tub and encase the walls of your bathroom.


Large format tiles are a great choice for flooring. You can use them in an entryway, surrounding a fireplace, in the bathroom, your kitchen, or even as the main flooring in your home. In warm climates where many prefer tile flooring, these slabs will give your home a sleek and modern appearance.

In an office space or large commercial building, these slabs are inexpensive compared to other natural stones. Always make sure they are handled by a professional during the installation process.  With the use of RUBI’s Slab System for large format tiles, which includes our slab trans systems and slab trolley along with tools for cutting large format tiles, professionals can move these large format tiles easily.

You can use large format tiles outdoors as well by laying them around your pool, as a part of a water feature, on your deck, or outside your home. It is also possible to customise these visually stunning tiles for any outdoor space you envision. You can use ceramic tiles to decorate an outdoor kitchen space or create a beautiful pattern on the walls of your pool.

large format tile
RAK Ceramics, Palissandro


You can use large format tiles to create a clean looking countertop in your bathroom or kitchen. You can customize the size of your tiles or slabs to make one solid surface as well.

These slabs work beautifully on waterfall edge countertops in modern kitchens. With these solid surfaces, you don’t have to worry about scratches, stains, water, or heat damage.


Since it is easy to produce porcelain and ceramic in large format tile sheets, they are a cost-effective choice for several rooms in your home or commercial space. Not only are they less expensive compared to natural stones but installing them is also slightly less time consuming.

With the proper time spent on installation, you will get an amazing end result. You can lay large format tiles strategically without a lot of grout work, though this may involve some challenging cutting. You can also cut these tiles bespoke to get the exact effect you want.

Imagine how expensive an entire bathroom covered in marble would be. With large format tile slabs, you can achieve a similar look without all the expense involved with natural stone.


Large format tile in ceramic or porcelain comes in a variety of patterns, sizes, and densities. These amazing surfaces are extremely versatile. You can use them as countertops, walls, flooring, indoors and outdoors.

These slabs or large format tile sheets can be customised to fit any large-scale project. Whether it’s your new kitchen island, bathroom, or in a commercial project, the possibilities are almost endless. Just make sure your team has the correct tools on hand.

If you’re going for a look that is timeless and classic while also sleek and modern, these large format tiles are just what you need. To get started with your next tile project, visit our website for everything you need!

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