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  • Outdoor Patio Tile Ideas: Designs to Inspire You

    We all tend to fall back on old ideas, don't we? It's easier to do the same thing one hundred times than to come up with a new idea every time. The trouble is, if you fall into old patterns, your patterns fall out of style. Outdoor tiling is a tricky business. Customers are always looking for new outdoor pat...
  • Replacing Ceramic Tiles: Steps to Do It Right the 1st Time

    replacing ceramic tiles
    Imagine this: you’ve just moved into a new house, and nearly everything about it is perfect. It has the ideal number of rooms, an updated kitchen, and maybe it even has additional amenities like a swimming pool or patio in the backyard. However, there is one problem: replacing ceramic tiles with a new tile inst...
  • Tile Spacers: How to Properly Use Them

    Precision is the goal when you want your new tile installation to look amazing. If you're getting started on a new flooring job and vying for a gorgeous uniformity and a high-end look, your biggest friend can be found in the tiniest piece of plastic — the tile spacer. It goes underappreciated by DIYers a...
  • Building a Brick Wall: Step by Step Guide

    brick wall
    With COVID, so many more people have become interested in DIY around the home. Over fifty percent of Americans even feel like their house still needs work, but many of them do not know how to even get started with building a brick wall. This article will explain the steps for building a wall and how to get started w...
  • How to Use a Garbage Chute

    garbage chute
    What if you didn't know how a fundamental element of construction worked? A garbage chute is one of the best ways to deal with unwanted trash and other debris. Unfortunately, the average person doesn't know how garbage chutes even work! That's why we put together this simple guide. Keep reading to learn all about ho...
  • How to Cut Curves in Tile: Tips and Tricks

    how to cut curves in tile
    Picture this: You just bought your dream home. It's got great bones, but it's dated. You're ready to make it your own with a tile installation learning how to cut curves in tile.  In the true spirit of DIY, you want to challenge yourself. But you've run into a problem. After all the research you've done, n...
  • How to remove ceramic tile from concrete floor.

    When you are updating your home or completing a tile installation project, you may need to learn how to remove ceramic tile from concrete tile installation  floor. This is a project you can do on your own, but you need the right tools to do it! Do you want to learn more about removing ceramic floor tiles? Keep readi...
  • Subway Tile Backsplash: Ideas and Patterns

    subway tile backsplash
    Here is a truth: Kitchen tile is one of the best ways to communicate your interior design style. And because of that, kitchen tile can transform your kitchen in a way that other elements cannot.  So, do something unique with your tile! The ever-popular subway tile provides so many options to communicate your aesthet...
  • How to Use a Tile Saw: Best Practices

    Diamond blades are mostly used in tile saws
    Did you know that, according to NerdWallet, homeowners spent over $500 billion between 2017 and 2019 on home improvement projects? Additionally, by mid-August 2020, 61% of homeowners had taken on these types of projects since March 2020. That brings us to the point: do you know how to use a tile saw? If you’re one o...
  • Manual Tile Cutter Best Practices & Tips

    manual tile cutter
    In 2019, the United States tile market was valued at around 346.5 billion USD. With numbers like that, it's clear that tilers are in high demand. Knowing how to properly use manual tile cutter is a vital part of your job as a tiller. Experienced tile cutters have mastered the art of planning a room’s tile la...