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  • Learn How to Cut Tiles With a Grinder

    how to cut tiles with a grinder
    Ceramic tile consumption in the U.S. grew to 3.11 billion square feet (a 9.9% growth from the previous year) in 2021. These figures show that tiles are a popular choice for home flooring in the country. Most homeowners choose them for their durability, low maintenance, hygienic properties and versatility. ...
  • Best Tile for Kitchen Floor: How to Make the Right Choice

    Thanks to HGTV and motivated millennials, the home improvement industry is booming. In fact, it's estimated that Americans spent more than $380 billion last year on home improvements. Of all the home improvement projects, bathroom and kitchen floor renovations led the way.For many people, the kitchen is an integral ...
  • Tile Pool Deck: Installation, Tools, and Tips

    tile pool deck
    Over 7% of all American homes have the luxury of a swimming pool on their property. If you aim to join this prestigious group, you will need to ensure you install it correctly, and this likely includes a well-made tile pool deck. Though, would you know how to put one together if doing this yourself? This a...
  • Replacing Ceramic Tile: Steps to Do It Right the 1st Time

    replacing ceramic tiles
    Imagine that you’ve just moved into a new house, and nearly everything about it is perfect. It has the ideal number of rooms, a modern kitchen, and maybe it even has additional amenities like a swimming pool or a patio in the backyard. However, there is one problem: replacing ceramic tile with a new tile instal...
  • How to Install Grab Bars in Tile Shower: Tips and Steps

    how to install grab bars in tile shower
    Can transforming a mere bathroom into a safe, accessible space be as simple as installing a feature to an already finished tile installation? Installing grab bars in a tile shower makes all the difference. They enhance both safety and accessibility for everyone, irrespective of age or ability. In the wake of an i...
  • How to Seal a Tile Floor: Steps and Tips

    how to seal tile floor
    It goes without saying that we all have floors, right? They are an essential part of our lives and support us in every step we take. Did you know that sealing your tile installation it from stains and wear and enhances its color and appearance? By applying a high-quality sealer, you can bring out the natural be...
  • How to Cut a Circle in Tile: Everything Pros Need to Know

    how to cut ceiling tiles
    Are you getting ready to do a tile installation in your bathroom this summer? You're in great company. Research shows tile sales made up 13% of the $23 billion flooring industry market in 2019, falling behind only resilient flooring (e.g., vinyl and linoleum) and carpet. Tile is popular due to being e...
  • How to Make Exposed Tile Edges Look Finished: Tips and Tricks

    how to cut tiles with a grinder
    The average American bedroom gets 224 square feet of floor space. That's a lot of square footage to cover in tile. And while tile looks great when it's installed, the edges can look a little unfinished a few days after the tile installation is completed. But how to make exposed tile edges look finished? You could us...
  • Wood Look Tile: How to Lay Flooring That Looks Like Wood

    How to Lay Tile That Looks like Wood - Tips and Tricks
    Wood look ceramic tile installations have become increasingly popular in recent years. And it’s easy to see why. As much class and sophistication as wood flooring can bring to a home, the truth is that this is not an easy material to maintain. If wood is not refinished regularly, it tends to scratch and gets an ugly...
  • How to Tile Inside Corners: Tips and Best Practices

    how to tile inside corners
    Are you considering adding tiles to your bathroom? Smart thinking. When added to your kitchen or bathroom, tile can drastically increase your home's value. If you install tile flooring yourself, your ROI can surpass 100%. How do you tile inside corners, though? Let's explore how to tile inside co...