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  • Tile Edge Trim: Installation, Tools, and Tips

    tile edge trim
    The most renovated kitchen feature is countertops, with this being the remodeling choice 91% of the time. Backsplashes come in at a close second at 86%. If you are going to be remodeling any counters, you may need tile edge trim. This is the perfect finishing touch for different types of tiles in your kitc...
  • How to Clean Porcelain Tile: Everything You Need to Know

    how to clean porcelain tile
    Are you ready to make your porcelain tile look like it did when the tile installation was brand new? Because porcelain tiles naturally have antimicrobial properties, learning how to clean porcelain tiles isn't too difficult and is worth the effort. If done correctly, your floor and shower tiles will ...
  • What Is Concrete Bonding?

    concrete bonding
    Over ten billion tons of concrete are produced worldwide every single year. Concrete is a versatile and essential material that is used to build homes, office blocks, train stations, parks, you name it. With so much concrete in the world, it stands to reason that occasionally it is going to need some repai...
  • How to Remove Ceramic Tile from Concrete Floor

    When you are updating your home or completing a tile installation project, you may need to learn how to remove ceramic tile from concrete floor. This is a project you can do on your own, but you need the right tools to do it! If you want to learn how to removing ceramic floor tiles from a concrete floor, keep rea...
  • Learn How to Paint Tiles

    how to paint tiles
    Are your tiles old, outdated, and in need of a touch-up? Worried you'll have to replace them entirely? Fret not! Did you know that you can paint tiles? Painting tiles gives them a whole new look and costs a fraction of the price it would cost to do a new tile installation. We are here to help you learn how to paint ...
  • Ceramic Tile Flooring: How to Choose the Right Ones

    ceramic tile flooring
    People have been crafting ceramic items since 28,000 BC and the art has continued even today. Today, ceramic products such as ceramic tile flooring are more advanced than ever and there are also many options to choose from. If you're thinking about a ceramic tile installation for your floors, you might be ...
  • Stick on Tiles: The Pros and Cons of This Material

    stick-on tiles
    Tile floors and backsplashes are heavily favored by most homeowners, but for the average DIYer, they also present some of the most daunting remodeling challenges. To avoid the headache but accomplish the look, many people are resorting to alternatives like stick on tiles. Taken to the extreme, some homeowners have e...
  • Porcelain Tile Cutter: Best Practices and Tips

    porcelain tile cutter
    Porcelain tiles are the most popular option in the growing tile market, and when you look at their quality, it's easy to see why. The problem with porcelain comes down to the preparation. When you use a porcelain tile cutter, it can be easy to chip the brittle porcelain layers, effectively ruining your til...
  • How to Clean Grout Perfectly

    When you have new grout, it looks white and pristine, but what can you do when it starts turning yellow, brown, or black? While clean grout can make your floors or walls look great, dirty grout can start to make your tile installation look older and more worn down. If you've tried cleaning grout before, you may ...
  • How to Lay Mosaic Tile

    how to lay mosaic tile
    Whether it's your pool, bathroom, backsplash, or even flooring, mosaic tiles have made a splash in the last few years. They're perfect for creating a bold statement in any tile installation project. Want to learn more and how to lay mosaic tile? Read on! These small tiles can be made from porcelain, stone, or gla...