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  • How to Create Spaces With Mixed-Media Tile Designs

    Use mixed media tiles to create unique floor designs and wall accents to add a creative touch to your or a client's home or business. Learn how to install mixed media tiles with RUBI and get started on your next tile and wood floor project. Get Started with RUBI Tools USA If you're looking to le...
  • How to Measure Floors for Tile Installation the Right Way

    Tile installation isn't something that can be done by just anyone. Well, anyone can lay the tiles down, but we're talking about getting the job done the right way. A proper tile job means even lines, leveled flooring, and so much more.  Tile installation is a big task to complete and before you begin laying ...
  • Building An Awesome Small Home Office

    Working from home is a common trend among today’s office workers. But executives and managers continue the debate about whether this is a productivity boost or drain.  RUBI Tools USA and RUBI tools worldwide implemented teleworking practices after the new measurements and healthy practices recommended agai...
  • How to Make the Right Decision When Choosing Grout For Tile

    Would you want a tile surface with worn out or ugly-looking grout? You wouldn't.When choosing building materials or decor, getting it right is key to have a perfect finish. Color combinations ought to blend well and give you an appealing and aesthetic look. Nothing beats the excitement of shopping for home products....
  • Personal Protective Equipment: How To Prevent Injuries At Work

    In recent years, the growing implementation of safety standards has increased the usage of the so-called "personal protective equipment" (PPE). But, do you know your options? Although there are no mandatory safety products to use while laying ceramic tiles, most construction jobs require personal protective equipme...
  • How To Enhance Ceramic Materials: Proven Techniques And Tools

    After the installation of ceramic materials, you should take additional measures to improve their appearance and conservation. Although nowadays ceramic materials are increasingly technical and of higher quality, there are some useful products available to improve and conserve this type of materials on walls, floors...
  • How to improve the finish of silicone joints

    Planes to improve joints finishing
    Why are they necessary They are needed because all tiles expand and contract with temperature and moisture changes. In almost every case the substrate will move differently to the covering material. The larger the tile field, the more it will expand and contract, and be vulnerable to failure. In 95 per cent of today...
  • How to cut efficiently slim ceramics

    Slim system to cut ceramics
    In recent months have proliferated under thick ceramic and large format. These new materials generically called "Slim" are setting a new trend in the world of ceramic tiles. With thicknesses ranging from 3 to 8 mm, and lengths of between 3 and 3.6 mm, these type of ceramic materials have become a real challenge for ...
  • How to use a professional bucket to clean mortar residue?

    One of the most critical points in the application of grout / mortar joints, especially in white or light colors, is to avoid its contamination, so as not to alter the final color. Within that process, the time of cleaning debris of grout mortar is essential, just as the tools we use. The higher the level of wringin...
  • How to install tiles: step by step and tools you need

    How to install tiles
    Even if it is a simple work, people usually don’t know how to install tiles in a right way at home. The most important thing is having the proper tools and products. Here we show you what you have to do to complete this task successfully. 1) First of all, you have to make sure that the ground or the wall you are goi...