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Slim system to cut ceramics

How to cut efficiently slim ceramics

In recent months have proliferated under thick ceramic and large format. These new materials generically called “Slim” are setting a new trend in the world of ceramic tiles.
With thicknesses ranging from 3 to 8 mm, and lengths of between 3 and 3.6 mm, these type of ceramic materials have become a real challenge for professionals.
In order to help professionals successfully complete this challenge, RUBI launches a new Slim System Cutter: A set of tools, designed especially for “Slim” materials.
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Slim system to cut ceramics
What is included in the Slim System?
The Slim System Cutter is presented in a practical and convenient carrying bag that includes; 3 guides, 2 suction pads, 2 separation tongs and a head scratch with a 22 mm roller guide and titanium coated ball bearings.
With the modular design of the Slim System Cutter, we now have a manual cutter with a cutting capacity of at least 100 cm. up to 310 cm, just by connecting the guides together. We can further add more guidance, reaching up to 420 cm. cutting capacity.
Easy Trans bearing comprises of two extensible equipped suction cups 5 and 3 of each carrying handles. This add-on will help handling and transport of the material without breaking and reducing the risk with minimum effort.
Previous advice about Slim Cutter and Easy Trans
For accuracy, use the Slim System Cuttter. You must remember that the distance between the roller guide and the guide is 1 cm. so you should always take this into account when marking on the piece and measuring or cutting the line to the desired layout.
The maximum recommended load of Easy Trans is 60 kg. To ensure a good fixation of the suction cups, it is advisable to fix them to the material before tightening the lock to the suction guide Easy Trans.
How to use Slim System
Extend the guides to fit the length of the piece.
Once set for the desired cutting, place the pads, trying to cover as much surface as possible with an equal distance between them to ensure the correct setting. Now we can handle and transport the pieces “Slim” safely. The suction pads will make sure that the cut will be perfectly straight. With the scratch, you can start from either end, always putting more emphasis on both of the ends.
Once the scratch has been made, you will move the piece, cantilever, and press lightly with tongs until you see the piece open. It is then necessary to try to separate the entire piece, only opening slightly. Repeat this step on both ends and then using lateral pressure, completely remove the entire piece.
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