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cellulose sponges

Cleaning all type of surfaces with cellulose sponges

Knowing the difference of the sponges in the market, its properties and characteristics, can mean the difference between a good finish and an excellent one.
The use of sponges over ceramic coatings has also specialized through past times, the same way other tools have.
Sponges, floats and pads for cleaning surfaces

cellulose sponges
Cellulose sponges properties
Cellulose sponges are of vegetable origin and are made ​​from wood fibers. They are highly ecological and environmentally friendly, not only because it is a biodegradable product, but also because its production process is less polluting.
Cellulose sponges are sponges with higher absorptive capacity of the market. Its absorption capacity is up to 10 times greater than in traditional polyurethane foams.
Its abrasion resistance is also very high. Thanks to the vegetable fibers of the cellulose sponge is less prone to collapse. Its performance against chemicals, especially acidic products, is another of its great virtues as it will not soften or deform.
Cellulose sponges utilities
The cellulose sponges can be used over any type of surface and to clean any kind of residue, but they are specially designed to clean Epoxi joints.
ClubRUBI advice
The RUBI® cellulose sponges are served slightly hydrated in order to present a more attractive image. This initial hydration may be lost during storage of the product, resulting in a slightly rougher sponge, which does not affect product performance.
Once used, the sponge loses its moisture, reducing its size and increasing its hardness. By re-hydrate, the sponge returns to its original state.
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