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NEW DELTA LEVEL SYSTEM: Small improvements that make a good product GREAT

Leveling systems are undergoing a revolution, just like tile spacers in the past. The basic principle of any leveling system for tile installation is pressing the highest piece, until matching its position with the adjacent tiles. To obtain a substantial improvement of the surface flatness. The items to accomplish this easy task have been redesigned and improved under the RUBI brand. 

It is hard to find a professional installer of ceramic tiles that hasn’t heard of levelling systems. There are many advantages to using this type of product, and increasingly fewer disadvantages. 

Just in case needed here’s a brief explanation again of what a leveling system is:

Levelling systems are devices for installing ceramic tiles, which help to remove the differences in level that can arise between two or more tiles. 

How do they work?

They are usually made of plastic and consist of two pieces: a clip and a compressing element shaped like a bell or wedge.  The clip creates tension so that the bell or wedge can apply sufficient pressure, preventing any of the tiles from being higher than the others. Once the adhesive has dried, you break off the clip. The disposable element, and the bell or wedge can be reused.

The result is a uniform surface and perfectly level tiles. This is where the name “leveling system” comes from (not be confused with self-levelling products).  Almost ten years ago, at CONSTRUMAT’09, RUBI Tools presented the first levelling system called: The TILE LEVEL. It was designed exclusively for installing ceramic tiles. Today we have a wider range, comprising of the original TILE LEVEL, as well as the TILE LEVEL QUICK and the DELTA LEVEL SYSTEM.

RUBI Levelling systems’ range

How is DELTA Level System superior to others?

The new and improved DELTA LEVEL SYSTEM (previously known as DELTA LEVELING SYSTEM) has completely redesigned clips and wedges. The Delta clips are now in different colors, according to their thickness. The new clips have been aesthetically and functionally improved. The new DELTA LEVEL SYSTEM clips include thickness measurements written on the clips themselves. Simple, clever mayor improvement. Nothing new for the market, but a major advantage for the user.

The aesthetic improvements are interesting, right? But they aren’t what interest us most. Among the technical improvements (you’re going to like this!), 

The new design of the DELTA LEVEL SYSTEM clip ensures not only the correct pressure for the wedge, but also a clean and uniform break.

This prevents part of the clip remaining in the joint. You won’t lose time hand-cutting those little bits, and there won’t be any annoying surprises when grouting. One more thing,  DELTA clips are compatible with most wedge systems on the market.  As you know, the clips are the disposable elements in the system, so if you are going to spend money on little bits of plastic, make sure they are the best ones on the market!

And now to the wedges. The new DELTA wedges have been improved in terms of their composition and shape. The new formula means that the wedges are much more resistant to wear and tear. A reusable element like a wedge should guarantee a good few cycles of reuse. 

In the new design Rubi has firstly lengthened the rear side to increase the support base and give a greater pressure area.

The curved shape at the end of the wedge creates a stop so it can’t pass right through the clip, avoiding excess pressure.

All these improvements mean that the DELTA LEVEL SYSTEM from RUBI Tools is currently the most efficient wedge levelling system on the market.

If you would like more information, please visit our website or view it in action on our YouTube Channel.

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