Grinder, Electric portable cutter or mobile head cutter?

Whenever we face cuts on materials such as porcelain, gres, natural stone where a manual cutter can’t perform, we end up using an electric option such as a grinder, an electric portable cutter or a mobile head cutter.

These cutting solutions are the most common practices. Let’s run through them and understand your points of view.




The machine always present in every work, rehabilitation or reform / renovation. Used for the cuts of ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, metals etc. With a wide range of possibilities  adapting the appropriate disc. Also considered one of the most dangerous machines in the industry. A light with high revolutions machine without the need of water.



Portable Cutter:

Portable cutter


Portable cutter, more recognisable within the reform / renovations sector. A machine that requires water with multiple options of cuts. Also safe for the user. Sufficiently light for transport or move to any point of the job site. More precise than the cut with a grinder and possibility of cutting any length of material without interruption.



Mobile Head Cutter:

Mobile Head Cutter


A mobile head cutter, with much higher precision and safety that in the both previous cases. More recognizable or viewed within the construction job sites, workshops and rehabilitations. A machine that requires water for the cutting procedure enabling the best quality cut over any of the materials using a specific diamond disc.



Tell me…

Which are your preferences?

What reasons for choosing one or the other?

Is it only cost that matters?

I await your news…

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