Cellulose sponges are the new technology introduced into the markets. A unique resistant cellulose sponge for all grout cleaning jobs including epoxy materials. Different shapes and sizes contenting the users needs. The cellulose sponges making the removal of excess and finishing of grout a much faster and easier process.

cellulose sponges

cellulose sponges



 For cleaning all surfaces. Specially recommended to clean rests of EPXI grout.

 Cellulose sponges are vegetal origin and made from wood fibres.
 They are highly ecological and environment-friendly, not only as a biodegradable product, but also because its production process is less polluting.
 Cellulose sponges are the sponges with highest absorption capacity of the market, capable of absorbing up to 10 times more than traditional PU sponges.
 Its abrasion resistance is also very high; thanks to the vegetal fibres of the cellulose sponge is less prone to collapse.
 Our cellulose sponges are served slightly hydrated, to present an image and touch more attractive. This initial hydration could be lost during the storage of the product, resulting in a slightly rougher sponge. This does not affect product performance.
 After been used, the sponge loses its moisture, reducing its size and increasing its hardness. By re-hydrate, the sponge returns to its original state.
 Fully compatible with the use of acid-based chemicals.

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