Read this article if you want to learn how to cut tiles easily. You can use manual tools or electric tools: follow these steps to do it successfully

If you are reforming your house or just tiling your bathroom or your kitchen, learning how to cut tiles will be very useful for you, as the size of the walls is always different in each room. Beyond that, you will have to adapt them to every corner and every ledge. In this post we will explain you how to do it easily and what kind of tools you have to use.

First of all, in order to cut tiles you have to decide whether you’ll use manual tools or electric tools. On one hand, the manual saws have a sophisticated mechanism so that you won’t need to exert any force on it. On the other hand, using electric tools like electric cutting and mitering saws you will complete this task faster and more comfortable, although you will have to be extremely cautious.

Beyond that, you will need a rule, a pencil and a square in order to measure and score exactly the lines you will have to cut in each tile.

How to cut tiles: step by step

1.- Measure the gap you want to fill with the cut tile.

2.- Using the square, score with a pencil the line you want to cut. If you use a pencil, you won’t have problems to erase that line painted on the tile once you have cut it.

3.- If you are going to use an electric tool, go ahead to the step 6. If you are going to use a manual saw, put it on a flat and firm place and insert the tile.

4.- Slide the blade along the line you have scored, without exerting too much force.

5.- Press the tile with the tool’s arm in order to break it in a clean and regular way.

6.- Using an electric tool, you just need to direct the blade along the line you have scored, always exerting a smooth and continuous pressure.