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  • Building a Brick Wall: Step by Step Guide

    brick wall
    During COVID, many more people became interested in DIY projects. Over fifty percent of Americans feel like their houses could use some work, but many of them do not know how to even get started with building a brick wall. In this article will explain the steps for building a wall and how to get starte...
  • How to Cut Curves in Tile: Tips and Tricks

    how to cut curves in tile
    Picture this: You just bought your dream home. It's got great bones, but it's dated. You're ready to make it your own with a tile installation learning how to cut curves in tile.  In the true spirit of DIY, you want to challenge yourself. But you've run into a problem. After all the research you've done, n...
  • How to Cut Pre-Installed Tile On a Wall or Floor

    Are you working on a tile installation that has already been finished? Some renovation jobs require cutting pre-installed tile to make way for new installations without replacing the entire wall or floor. If how to cut already installed tile is a new concept for you, below is a quick guide on how to do it the p...
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