Over the last few years, we have seen a significant increase in the use of large format tiles and, nowadays, their use is quite widespread. This has made us realise
that there is a real need to adapt the techniques and the tools used when laying down tiles to make the job of the building professionals a little bit easier.

Support and application of adhesive mortar: When laying down large format tiles, the base support must be a completely flat surface, because these materials must be laid down by using the “fine layer”
technique (on occasions the “medium layer” technique). For this reason, it is necessary to use a notched trowel when applying the adhesive material. Normally, it is recommended to apply a double layer of adhesive mortar, however, if the tiles are going to be placed on walls the application of a double layer of mortar is essential..

Manipulation: Manipulation of tiles of great format is substantially improved by using DOUBLE or TRIPLE suction pads. Thanks to these tools, rectifying the position of the tile or checking the adhesiveness of the adhesive mortar is made a lot easier.

Alignment and joints: With the exception of rectified tiles, large format tiles normally present small dimensional variations however this can easily be corrected by using spacers and “T”-shaped spacers in the joints.

Levelling: Due to the large surface covered by each tile, the lack of level between tiles is a habitual problem when laying down this type of tile. In order to make this task easier RUBI manufactures the RUBI Tile Level, a new and quick levelling system, designed exclusively to be used when laying down large format tiles. The RUBI Tile Level allows the user to improve the levelling of the surface, avoid the movement of the tiles during hardening and make the process much quicker.

TX-1200-N TX-1200-N
Ceramic cut : With the TX range of manual tile cutters we can cut formats
larger than 90 cm (100, 110 or 120 cm.), with the same ease that we would smaller ceramic tiles and without the need to resort to using electric tile cutters which is always slower and sometimes
more expensive.
Nowadays we can found the new Slim format porcelain tiles with 3 x 1 meters. Rubi are ready for the market with the SLIM SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL CUTTER. A manual cutting system for large format porcelain tiles with thickness between 3 to 8 mm.

Slim System Slim System