April 2018… for many, this will not mean anything, but for the RUBI brand it means a lot…

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RUBI turns 67!

On April 10, 1951, a young Joan Boada, presented in the Registration and Patent office of Barcelona, ​​the request for the invention of a new tool: the manual cutter for mosaic and tile, a tool that would become known throughout the world as the RUBI TILE CUTTER.

After winning the GOLD MEDAL at the 1st National Exhibition of Inventions, held in Barcelona, ​​between the months of March and April of 1953, the brothers Joan and Antoni Boada, focus themselves on the production and improvement of this new tool.

During the decade of the 60s, the RUBI manual cutters, incorporate an element, invented and patented, also by the Boada brothers: the impact breaker.

In response to the strong demand and constant growth, a third partner joined the two brothers. In this sense and with the incorporation of Miquel Escayol, the company GERMANS BOADA, S.A. was born in 1969.

During the 70s, GERMANS BOADA, S.A, as a company and, RUBI, as a brand, continued their growth and expansion.
On the one hand, the company reinforces its exports and on the other, the brand keeps innovating its tools. The creation of the first mechanical breaker is the greatest contribution of that time and as a result of this new invention, the TS was born, considered worldwide as the manual cutter par excellence!

With the appearance of porcelain stoneware, at the end of the 80s, RUBI created a new line of manual cutters, much more adapted to the needs and demands of international markets.

The decade of the 90s, was the first golden age of RUBI, and the true expansion of GERMANS BOADA, S.A. The company expands with the opening of the first subsidiaries in European territory: Portugal, Italy, France…

With the arrival of the new millennium, the growth of GERMANS BOADA, S.A. continues unstoppable, and the evolution of the RUBI cutters, crosses new limits, applying in its design and production, the latest technologies and adapting its tools to new needs.

The inertia of GERMANS BOADA, S.A. and of RUBI was held back by the global financial crisis that hit  worldwide between 2007 and 2012.
Even in difficult times like these, RUBI continued working and improving its products. GERMANS BOADA, S.A.  becomes the GERMANS BOADA GROUP, thanks to the excellent health of its international subsidiaries.

Since 2013, RUBI has placed the most advanced tools in the market in the hands of professionals: SLIM SYSTEM, TZ, the ZERO DUST range of electric cutters…

… but, let me tell you something. The merit is not only of RUBI, nor all of us who form the GERMANS BOADA GROUP. Much of this merit belongs to all the professionals, like you, who trust in our products every day and who, with your experience, comments, advice, and yes, of course also your complaints, that helped RUBI and the GERMANS BOADA GROUP, keep innovating and evolving since 1951. Thank you!

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