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The Best Tiling Equipment for your Projects

Tiling is an art form. It’s not about knowing how to tile, but it requires years of practice and a good eye for design to bring the project together. One of the most important aspects nowadays is knowing what tiling equipment and tools are best for the job at hand.

One tile cutter is perfect for one type of tile, but another cutter is needed for other materials.  From thickness, hardness, and size, we offer a range of tools that each have their own place in different projects

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tiling equipment

Internal Work

Chances are, as a tiler, you’re working with manual tile cutters. These tools are versatile and allow you to make various cuts that can be adapted for the job at hand. These tools are perfect for taking on the go as they easily fit in most cars and vans. 

Manual Cutters  

tiling equipment
TX MAX 250

Manual tile cutters are what we’re known for. They’re a staple in every tiler’s kit, but it’s crucial to know which one is the best tool for the project. Our TX and TZ lines are reliable and allow tilers to work with most tile sizes. Additionally, our TX-MAX comes with supplementary arms, which allow for cutting larger format tiles

However, if you often work with large porcelain sheets greater than 300 cm x100 cm, then the use of our slim cutter plus is highly recommended. This tool is capable of straight edge and free-hand cutting, depending on how you use the scoring carriage (whether you use it mounted to the aluminium guides or without).

The pliers provided with this kit allow for cutting and separating of sheets up to 10mm. With the use of the slim separator, this tool can cut sheets that are up to 15mm in thickness.

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Large Format Tiles 

Some jobs use large format tiles, such as for flooring. These tiles can be tricky to manoeuvre and cut, which is why we recommend our TZ line, suitable for tiles up to 21mm thickness. As tile sizes increase, the use of suction cups as an auxiliary tool is becoming more and more prevalent.

Tiles with a rough finish are becoming more popular too, which means the tools used in these jobs have to be more specialised, such as our TZ line. 

External Work

For those that work in landscaping, you might require more heavy-duty tools that allow you to execute this type of work for your clients. This can involve drills, blades, and large electric cutters to facilitate the range of materials you might be working with. 

Drills and Blades

EASYGRESS plus kit
EASYGRESS plus kit

As time has progressed, we have grown from being known for manual tile cutters, and this growth has included the expansion into diamond drill bits and blades. If you work more with dry drilling, you should consider our DRYGRES kit; it includes everything you need, including a multi-drill guide. 

However, Our EASYGRES drill kit includes electroplated diamond drill bits for wet cutting. These drill bits are suitable for use with a non-percussive power drill. It is the most economical solution for users who need to drill with different diameters and in any type of ceramic tile.

Electric cutters 

if you’re after something with a bit more power, then our range of electric cutters might be for you. Our DCX-250 Xpert professional cutters are designed for the demanding cutting of porcelain, ceramic tile, and the occasional natural stone, such as granite or marble. We incorporated reinforced handles into their design and included off-road style wheels to help transport our products when working on site. 

tiling equipment

These electric cutters are ideal for making perfectly straight and smooth cuts, and the adjustable head of the DCX-250 can create mitred cuts. To facilitate mitring, we recommend an additional set of flanges to increase the blade clamping surface and reduce bending of the blade, elongating its life. 

Choosing the right tool for the job at hand is an important task. If you treat your tools right, they’ll do the same for you. 

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