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How to use a Rubbish Chute

You might be thinking that everyone knows this important aspect of working on a construction or home improvement site, but not everyone understands the importance of something as simple as a rubbish chute.

So, whether you’re learning how to tile or a construction site veteran, let’s shed some light on this simple and basic tool.

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rubbish chute

Construction Site Basics

Ever heard of the saying “it does what it says on the tin”? It means that it does pretty much exactly what you think it would do. A rubbish chute is a place where all workers from the construction site can drop debris to dispose of it. It provides a central location which helps to cut down on random bits of offcuts or rubbish floating about the site and having to collect it at the end of the day.

rubbish chute

Construction sites and home improvement projects generate a lot of rubbish as workers build, renovate, and destroy various structures. Things get cut, taken down, put up and fixed. This can lead to a lot of dust and much larger pieces of debris being left around the site.

As all this dust, debris and destruction starts to pile up it can get in the way of the workers, the homeowners, and generally become a safety hazard for all.

Your options become:

  • Walk the rubbish over to the area of disposal as you come across it, which can waste large portions of your day,
  • Dedicate time at the end of each day to get it cleared up which is also time consuming
  • Install a rubbish chute to quickly and easily dispose of rubbish and debris that gets created while the work is carried out without making a dent in your productivity or morale.

Another benefit of these chutes is that you can dedicate each one to a certain type of waste – making separating out your rubbish much more efficient and easy. It’s also important to understand the type of waste your business produces, how to limit this, and how to salvage what can be used, re-used, and recycled, before it’s disposed of.

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Why do you need one?

Learning how to use a rubbish chute is easy enough, but the question you might be asking yourself is what benefits make them worthwhile?

rubbish chute

The one that’s already been mentioned is the convenience and time saving aspect: by manually walking all the rubbish as it forms or at the end of every day to the waste disposal area you waste precious time and energy. That is even more prevalent when you have people working on multiple floors at a time.

Another benefit pertains to health and safety: Working in an environment where rubbish is piling up becomes a hazard for all those around it, be it workers or homeowners. And sometimes the type of rubbish produced on a construction site includes chemicals which you are better off not coming into contact with. A rubbish chute diminishes this.

Lastly, one that you might be overlooking, is that our rubbish chutes themselves are re-useable. We also sell a variety of accessories which aid in how these chutes can function on your construction site, with brackets for buildings, scaffolding, brackets with winches, even extension arms.

For more information and to view our variety of rubbish chute accessories, visit the link here.

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