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The 18 Most Popular Tile Floor Patterns for a Contemporary Look

Want to know what’s happening in the field of tile installation right now? Let’s look at some trends in tile floor patterns.

If you are in the business of laying tiles, then you’ll want to know what these trends are, so that you can lay floors that will, well, floor your clients. Staying on trend guarantees work that stands out and speaks to impeccable craftsmanship.

But with so many tile trends going on how will you be able to keep up?

With the help of our handy list, of course! In it, we have rounded up the top 18 tile floor pattern trends that you need to know about, so that you can get great results in all your tile projects. Read on to find out what these are.

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Top Tile Floor Patterns

1. Wood Looks

tile floor patterns

One of the fastest growing trends in tile floor patterns is wood look-alike tiles. With ever-improving tech, designers are now able to mimic the most popular of hardwood looks, on tile floors.

Tile experts are predicting the trend to stick for years to come, making ‘wood’ tiles a long-lasting option in terms of popularity.

This makes sense, considering that hardwood floors have proven to be America’s most popular hard surface flooring. At the same time though, hardwood floors come with a few disadvantages, such as price point, maintenance, and durability.

Now, consumers can get the hardwood look, while enjoying the practicality of tile.

2. Marble Looks

tile floor patterns

It has been said, ‘when has marble ever not been in?’

True to its reputation as a classic, ever-popular marble is still an incredibly sought after and modern tile choice.

Previously an all marble tile floor was beyond the budget of most people. But with marble look ceramic tiles only getting more realistic by the day, the marble look is now much more accessible. This has made the trend grow considerably.

Marble-look tiles are most popular for kitchen and bathroom floors.

3. Concrete and Concrete Looks

tile floor patterns

Concrete tiles are another trend in the tile sector. With their industrial look, they can add character and edginess to almost all tile floors.

Whether this trend will last is uncertain. Although concrete tiles can look amazing, concerns have been raised over their porosity.

A secondary tile trend that may save the day for the concrete aesthetic is concrete look ceramic tiles. Made out of ceramic, but almost indistinguishable from concrete, these tiles offer the same look and feel while not having any of the absorbency issues of real concrete.

4. Stone Looks

tile floor patterns

Stone look tiles have been a popular flooring choice for many years. This trend is still holding strong with little indication of slowing down.

While being much cheaper than real stone flooring, faux stone tiles look incredibly real.

Thanks to this win-win, stone-look tiles are likely to retain their popularity as tile flooring ideas. Market research has shown that the ceramic tile industry is outperforming just about all other flooring types, with real stone becoming increasingly costly in comparison.

5. Metallic Looks

tile floor patterns

Yes, tiles are going metallic! New tile printing tech has made metallic tile floors possible. This trend is showing up in bathrooms and on accent walls and is appealingly novel and unusual

Although metallics may reign for a while, it is unlikely they will become a classic like the natural looks of wood, marble and stone.

6. Muted and Intricate Tile Floor Patterns

tile floor patterns

Minimalism has been a major trend for a while now, but counteracting this is the trend of muted but intricate patterns.

While looking like a funky throwback to the ’60s, these tile styles also largely have a muted and soft tone.

If done right, this tile floor pattern idea can look very appealing. However, we’ll have to wait and see if this continues to be a trend in the far future

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7. Geometric Shapes

tile floor patterns

Geometric shapes are appearing in modern tile design in a big way. Triangles, squares, rectangles, etc are making a bold statement. Although this theme is by nature busy, if done right, geometric shapes in modern tiles can look amazing.

However, lack of decor versatility could limit this trend to a shorter time frame than that of more neutral tile designs.

8. Herringbone and Chevron

tile floor patterns

Herringbone and chevron shapes in tile design are another sweeping trend. Often executed in muted color palettes, these patterned tile flooring looks can be unique and tasteful at the same time.

Shapes like herringbone, chevron, and geometrics can be superb to use if you want to do something like a tile rug.

9. Mixed Widths

tile floor patterns

Mixed widths have been making an appearance on the tile floor scene and don’t show signs of going away.

The mix of dimensions can make these tiles hard to lay, but their unusual aesthetic effect can make them it worth the effort.

10. Large Tile Sizes

tile floor patterns

Large tiles are big right now (excuse the pun), and only getting bigger.

13×13 inch tiles are still popular, but larger sizes such as 16 x 16 are all the rage. Tile size limits have grown thanks to new manufacturing tech, and there are now tiles as large as 24×48 inches.

A popular kitchen tile idea at the moment is tiling seamlessly with extra large tiles from floor to ceiling.

11. Subway Tiles

tile floor patterns

Did you know that subway tiles have been going strong for more than 100 years? That is some major trend endurance!

What’s more, they are still right on trend today. Subway tiles are often incorporated into kitchen tile ideas and make for great classic-meets-trendy backsplashes.

12. Tile Planks

tile floor patterns

Hot on the heels of wood look tile are tile planks. These tile shapes compliment the faux hardwood look in a great way. The trend is towards extra large ‘planks’.

However, this tile shape is not limited to wood motif tiles. The unusual shape can be used in any style of tile and can work well to open up spaces and reduce business. If laid across narrow rooms, tile planks can function to create an optical illusion of extra width.

Thanks to these capabilities, it is likely that tile planks will remain a popular modern tile look.

13. Terrazzo

tile floor patterns

Yet another modern take on an old-time trend is terrazzo. Terrazzo gained popularity in the ’70s, however, it has been around since Roman times and also experienced some popularity in the 1920s in America.

The modern version of terrazzo is bright and fun, with colorful elements. The lighthearted and artistic retro trend is making a strong contrast with the muted and minimal decor fashion that is so prevalent nowadays.

14. Florals

tile floor patterns

Another trend we are seeing is the growing popularity of floral tiles. These types of tiles can be restrictive to work with thanks to their busy patterns, but if laid tastefully, the attractive floral artwork can look breathtaking.

15. Bright, Light, and Dark Colors

tile floor patterns

When it comes to colors, there are a number of trends going on in the tile floor sector. It really just depends on your preferences or those of your clients. These can include:

  • White
  • Other light or muted colors
  • Black
  • Bright, rich colors
  • Pastel colors

With all of these options in modern tile colors, you can choose from a variety of palettes and still be on trend.

If you are going for a timeless look that won’t date, then white or other light, muted colors are the best bet.

16. Grouts

tile floor patterns

Using grouts to create a unique look is another interesting way to transforms a tile floor. Tiling grout has generally been something to be hidden, and grouting tiles is usually just a job to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

But these days, innovative artisans have gotten creative with grouting, making it the star of the show in some unusual designs.

The techniques include staining grouts strategically to make a pattern and creating spaces of grout art as focal points.

17. Distressed and Weathered Surfaces

tile floor patterns

Distressed surfaces on tiles is another pronounced trend in the tiling sector. Many of the wood look tiles are incorporating distressed or weathered surfaces into their design. Hand scraping and wire brushed are also popular effects.

These surfaces have the effect of making wood look tiles appear even more realistic.

Distressed surfaces are also being seen on patterned tiles. Here the effect is to make the tiles look antique and rustic.

18. Fabric

tile floor patterns

Yes, fabric-look tiles are here and getting a lot of attention. Fabric-look tiles offer the durability of ceramic tiling, while at the same time achieving a soft and cozy look.

In the past, tiles have often been thought to be cold and sterile looking. But now, with these innovative modern tile styles, there is no need for tiles to look clinical. Bring on the silk-look floors!

Now You Know the Most Popular Tile Floor Patterns

Keeping up with ever-evolving trends can be overwhelming. Before you know it, what used to be the ‘it’ thing in tile design could be out of vogue and dated.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stress over what tile floor patterns to use because you are now armed with this master list of tile trends, which means you can get on with your job of laying tiles like a pro. Speaking of being a pro, check out our pro-level tile saws and get the tools you need for your projects.

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