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The best tile saw - RUBI DC-250 Featured Image

What is the best tile saw? Why the RUBI DC-250 is the pro’s choice

If you are one of those contractors looking for the best tile saw in the market, I have good news. The recently launched RUBI DC-250 1200 tile saw provides a unique value of power, speed and value and it is now considered the top among tile saw cutters.
Backed by the great craftsmanship and endurance of RUBI Tools, the DC-250 1200 is the best tile saw option for both, professionals and apprentices. The RUBI DC-250 1200 is a practical, versatile, and must-have tool for tile installers. Many professionals and construction pros consider the tool as the best one available in the market.
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RUBI Tool DC-250 1200: Main Features of the Best Tile Saw

The RUBI DC-250 series saw is the preferred option among tiling professionals to cut ceramic, porcelain and natural stone. The machine comes with a two-year warranty backed by outstanding terms offered by RUBI Tools.
This bridge saw contains a pair of wheels attached to the frame for easy transportation. One single person can move the saw from site to site, mostly in part because of its light weight, only 120 lbs (60 kgs).
The best tile saw - RUBI DC-250 folding legs
The 15 Amp 120 volts (60 Hz) tool has a powerful 2,790 rpm-motor that helps cut easily some of the hardest materials, cleanly and accurately. RUBI’s unique thermal technology protects the 1.5 horsepower single phase direct drive motor.
The best tile saw - RUBI DC-250 Motor
The tile saw comes with a 10-inch (25 cm) diamond blade and uses water to cool down the machine during the cutting action. The water flow prevents the tile from overheating that would eventually cause the tile or porcelain to break. One important feature of the diamond blade of the RUBI DC-250 is that it will only cut the tile properly, leaving no sharp edges or preventing the tile from chips or scaling.
The machine is very practical, ideal when used in tight spaces. The fully assembled tool is only 60 inches deep, 40 inches tall and 20 inches wide, so almost everyone can reach any area of the tile saw. Another benefit of the DC-250 is its mechanism to capture most of the dust generated, by water and spraying action.

Add-ons and Cutting Action

The machine includes a removable aluminum tables to easy cleaning. The RUBI’s quality team have gathered customer insights for years to come up with this apparently simple, but important feature. Additionally, the tile saw contains a durable steel-made reservoir that can hold up to 18 gallons of water.
The best tile saw - RUBI DC-250 Removable tables
Its maximum cutting depth at up to 90 degrees is 2-½ inches. The plunge effect allows you to adjust the cutting depth, making it easier to cut tiles for special areas in floors and walls. The plunge addition also facilitates cuts when shaping tiles to fit electrical outlets, plumbing or other fixtures. The maximum diagonal cutting size is 34 inches (85 cm) and the maximum rip cutting size is 47.5 inches (120.5 cm). You should consider that nearly 95% of tiles labeled as 48 inches’ size won’t measure more than 47.5 inches, in fact.
The cutting versatility of the DC-250 is quite remarkable. You can use it for cutting squares, L-cuts, U-cuts, mitering, and creating grooves. This is easy to achieve thanks to its beveling capability between 0 and 60 degrees and the lateral stop for 45 degree cuts.
The best tile saw - RUBI DC-250 Mitering
The design and location of the water pump is part of the quality and reengineering process to enhance the tool sleek and look. The location of the inlet, behind the sludge trap, makes it easier to clean the inlet filter and adjust the water flow getting to the blade. Remember that importance of flowing water when completing your next project, you will save money on diamond blades.
The following image shows the complete list of available accessories (not included) for the DC-250:
The best tile saw - RUBI DC-250 Accessories
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What about the Warranty Offered by RUBI?

RUBI Tools is an outstanding manufacturer, with many decades of experience. All RUBI manufacturing process follows strict ISO9001 standards, so you know the product is only of the highest quality.
RUBI offers standard two years warranty against manufacturing defects. Highly skilled technicians across the world also provide an excellent post-sales service and warranty assistance. The technical team at RUBI will help you get the right product for your installation project. Get in contact with one of RUBI authorized vendors or representative for additional details, pricing and other options available.

What About the Standard Package and How It Is Shipped?

The RUBI DC-250 shipping process cannot get any better. The tool comes fully assembled and every component is very well protected against damages. The saw comes with a 10-inch diamond blade, rail saw, saw stand with wheel and handles, water pump with flow control, water trays, operator’s manual and power cord. The pallet weighs approximately 180 lbs and requires using a cart or any other equipment such as a finger lift; although once unpacked, you will only need one person to take handle it.
RUBI provides the option of buying spare and optional features such as laser and level for electric cutters. Not only that, RUBI also offers a complete set of additional components such as table extension, side roller extension table, lateral stops, tile fixer clamps and different types of blades for the RUBI DC-250.

When Does the RUBI DC-250 Tile Saw is Recommended Over Other Tools?

First, you should consider that a bridge tile saw (like the DC-250) is the superior choice over table saw types.
The machine helps speed up the cutting process and accommodate different types and sizes of tiling materials. When wasting material is a concern, the DC-250 is definitely your option since it reduces the amount of waste generated while cutting. Other tools can only cut straight lines and will consume additional time trying to clean the tile edges. The depth of the cut is important, so the extra depth obtained is an advantage over other techniques and tools.
The DC-250 is also available at an affordable price and will last many years when properly maintained. This machine is indeed a money maker.
Still not convinced? Let’s hear what Tim Carter, founder of Ask the Builder, has to say about the DC-250.


Important Tips When Using a Tile Saw

Now that we all know why the RUBI DC-250 is the best tile saw, I recommend you follow these tips for better results:

  • Even though the RUBI DC-250 1200 saw has a water flow feature that will knock some of the dust down, some overspray might happen. Its design and splash guard cover reduces the overspray action, but you should put a tarp or plastic cover behind the tile saw to minimize the spraying effect.
  • Allow the water to flow freely over the blade and tile as a way to prevent extreme heat from cracking or chipping the tile.
  • Turn the water on and allow it to run for about 10 seconds before starting to cut the material.
  • Because the RUBI DC-250 is so powerful, be aware and pay attention when using it. Do not leave the tile saw unattended while working. Remember that tougher materials will take more time at a slower speed than softer tiles. Some inexperienced installers do not know that cutting faster may damage the tile, especially when cutting porcelain or harder materials.
  • Always look for saws with the cutting wheel on top of the tile, such as the RUBI DC-250, as it will allow for a clear line-of-sight when cutting.
  • For special cuts, you will need the RUBI plunging action or beveling head.
  • Do not recirculate the water after using it. Use only clean water for better results.
  • Read always the instruction or manufacturer recommendation when unsure about how to operate the equipment.
  • Proper PPE should always be wear including but not limited to safety gloves, safety goggles and noise protection.

You consider another RUBI tile cutter as the best tile saw? Leave your comments below!

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The best tile saw - RUBI DC-250 AD

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Website comments

  1. I have a DC 250 1200 tile cutter.
    Lately, after maybe after 100hr of usage, all my cuts are pulling on one size.
    I can feel a very light loose between the blade housing and the motor.
    Is there a bearing in there that I can change to solve the problem, or I should be looking at other option?
    Thank you.
    Happy holydays.

    Best regards,

    Martin Massicotte
    Kirkland, Qc

    1. Hello Martin. What country and city are you writing us from? We can connecting you with post-sales service.

  2. Hi is there a video for adjusting the table or the rail so the machine cuts square my machine is cutting out of square can’t seem to bring it right please help I have the dc250 cheers

    1. Hello Trevor. What city and country are you writing us from? We can put you in contact with technical assistance.

      1. I have the same problem. Dc 250 not cutting square. Needs aligned. Video or info would be appreciated. Pittsburgh pa

  3. I would like a video for adjusting the table or the rail so the machine cuts square my machine is cutting out of square can’t seem to bring it right please help I have the dc250 like Trevor. Pittsburgh pa USA

      1. Thank you I will call them. Sorry posted twice but the first time it said it was rejected? One last question I also bought the extension roller table and the rollers aren’t adjustable downward. Rollers are an 1/8 inch higher than the saw table and it creates stress right at the cut since angled so more chance of tile breakage at final cut corner. I’m using 48×24 tiles and it’s expensive when a corner breaks. Any suggestions or are they aware of the issue and going to correct the height issue? Thank you for your feedback

  4. Purchased this saw to cut very hard 24″x48″ porcelain. Even when the 48″ rip cut is scored first you have to plunge cut the first 4 inches on a 48″ rip. Every tile I’ve tried this on breaks the tile no matter how slow or gently I plunge cut. Floor and Decor won’t let me return it because it’s been “used”. How else do you know if a saw will work properly or not other than using it? Not for cutting 48″ tiles. Mis sold.

    1. Hi Chris. We aren’t entirely sure that we understand the problem you are describing. But if the tile is breaking while you cut it, and you are cutting slowly, than it might be an issue with the tile. We’ve used this machine many times to test it and to make video content, and it’s never failed us in the way you’re describing.

      And if there is nothing visibly wrong with a saw the only way to know it works would be by using it. If you want to speak with somebody about getting your machine looked at or fixed you can contact RUBI USA.

      Here’s the contact info:
      3317 NW 97th Avenue
      33172 Doral (Florida) – USA
      Phone. 1 305 715 9892
      Fax. 1 305 715 9898

    2. I had the same problem then I looked a the blade and it was designed for ceramic tile and I was cutting porcelain tile, I changed the blade and my problem ended hope this help

    3. Change the blade if your cutting porcelain tile because it comes with a blade to cut ceramic tile

  5. Where can l purchase the Rubi DC 250 1200 electric wet saw in Toronto, Ontario, Canada ?

    1. Hello Steve. To find information regarding distributors in your area, please contact the RUBI Canada office.

      Rue Renaude-Lapointe10091
      Anjou (QC)
      +1 866-872-7825
      +1 305-715-9898

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