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  • How Tile a Backsplash: Choosing and Installing the Tile

    how to tile a backsplash
    59% of homeowners plan to remodel or update their properties this year with bathrooms and kitchens topping the list of spaces to get a makeover. The right kitchen or bath remodel or tile installation can even increase the value of your home. Do you know how to install a backsplash? One quick and cost-effective ho...
  • The Complete Guide to Select the Right Tile for Your Project

    Why is it so difficult to choose the right tile? It should be only a question of which pattern goes best with the furniture, or what color can make the room look bigger than it is. Instead, you’ll most likely be confronted with a list of questions that can leave the average consumer a bit confused. What’s a PEI rat...
  • NEW DELTA LEVEL SYSTEM: Small improvements that make a good product GREAT

    Leveling systems are undergoing a revolution, just like tile spacers in the past. The basic principle of any leveling system for tile installation is pressing the highest piece, until matching its position with the adjacent tiles. To obtain a substantial improvement of the surface flatness. The items to accomplish t...
  • Find The Correct Tile Saw For Your Project

    Best Tile Saw - Meta Slider Image
    There is no shortage of tile saw products out there. From small, DIY hand cutters, to large industrial tile saws, you’ve got plenty of options. Whether you’re a seasoned tiler, or you’re just getting started with your first tile installation, you may be wondering which one to choose. In this article, we’ll discuss ...
  • How to Measure Floors for Tile Installation the Right Way

    Tile installation isn't something that can be done by just anyone. Well, anyone can lay the tiles down, but we're talking about getting the job done the right way. A proper tile job means even lines, leveled flooring, and so much more.  Tile installation is a big task to complete and before you begin lay...
  • 12 Custom Bathroom shower ideas for ultimate luxury

    Finding unique bathroom shower ideas that match your aesthetic can be a fun process. You have choices to make from tile installation to lighting to paint to wallpaper and much more.  If you're wanting to make a custom bathroom that is so awesome you may never want to leave, keep reading. Your bathroom ma...
  • Tile Installation Problems: How to Avoid the Worst Mistakes

    Tile installation problems - Featured
    Tile floors are once again very popular due to the advantages that ceramic tile provides over other flooring materials. But, how many times have you seen issues with tile layouts? Tile installation problems are very common and sometimes so easy to spot, but even experienced tile installers may fail when dealing with...
  • Tips for Removing Floor Tile That Just Won’t Budge

    How to Remove Floor Tile Properly Learning how to remove floor tile properly can be a rough part of your tile installation, especially when they don't meet you halfway and come up easily. We've crafted some tips and tricks. Home improvement projects are on the rise, with Americans spending an ...
  • Different types of tile: What’s the difference?

    We live in an age where choices are in abundance. From the toothpaste we buy to the coffee we drink, sometimes it may seem like there are too many options to choose from, and a tile installation comes with just as many options as anything else. When it comes to renovating a home, the possibilities are endless. In tr...
  • Complete Guide: How to Install Ceramic Floor Tiles

    It doesn’t matter if you’ve been installing ceramic floor tiles for a few years now or if this is your first tile installation. You can’t deny that there’s a beauty to this material that can add a certain charm to any room, whether we’re talking about the kitchen, bathroom or living room. Ceramic tiles are mesmerizi...