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How to Use a Garbage Chute

What if you didn’t know how a fundamental element of a construction project workedA garbage chute is one of the best ways to deal with trash and other debris. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how garbage chutes even work!

That’s why we put together this helpful guide. Keep reading to learn all about how to use a trash chute, especially for tile installation.

how to use a garbage chute

A Garbage Chute: The Basics

On a construction site, a garbage chute works pretty much as you’d expect. Workers can drop trash and debris into it and deposit the unwanted items in a centralized location. This makes it easier to remove that trash and debris later on.

Why are these chutes so important? As you likely know, construction sites generate a lot of debris while the workers build, renovate, and demolish various structures.

As the unwanted debris piles up, they become a safety hazard for anyone on site. And if workers have to walk each piece of debris over to a disposal area, much of their day will be wasted.

By installing a good trash chute, though, these workers can quickly dispose of trash without lowering their own productivity. You can even set up special chutes to recycle certain debris.

Why Do All Construction Sites Need a Garbage Chute?

The basic construction and function of a garbage chute are easy enough to understand. But if you’re still on the fence about these chutes, you’re probably asking, what are the other benefits that make these chutes worthwhile?

The first benefit is added convenience. Remember when we mentioned how long it would take employees to manually walk everything to a disposal area? That problem is compounded when you have workers who are working several stories up, but a chute lets those on each floor quickly get rid of trash and get back to work.

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The second benefit is that your workers will be safer and healthier. They don’t need to make physical contact with any of the trash they put into the chute. Frequently exposing workers to trash may threaten their health.

Finally, making it easier to dispose of trash via a rubber chute keeps the entire area cleaner and better safer. This is good for you, your workers, and any visitors to the site.

Use and Reuse Garbage Chutes

The actual construction of a garbage chute is as simple as it can be. While such chutes may be made of different materials, the goal is the same: you are creating a large tube that runs from the upper parts of a structure to a central disposal area. Workers on every floor can drop trash and debris into openings in the tube to get rid of them.

While you can make chutes out of multiple materials, we recommend using rubber garbage chutes. When you use RUBI rubber chutes, it is possible to re-use these garbage chutes multiple times. This will effectively save a lot of time and money across multiple construction projects.

Where to Get a Garbage Chute

A garbage chute can be a real game-changer for your business. But do you know who can help you build and use your own garbage chute? RUBI, of course!

We have the tools and talent to help you build and use a garbage chute right away. To see how we can assist with this project, just contact us today!

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