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Tile Installation Cost: How Much Does it Cost?

Floor tile installations combine low maintenance and durability to increase a home’s value. The timeless floor design finds itself in many kitchens and bathrooms. A tile installation canincrease a home’s value. Some homeowners invest in tile installation right before selling a home. However, many wonder what a normal tile installation cost is. Is tile installation a reasonable expense? How can you score a lower tile installation cost? 

In this article, you will learn factors that influence tile installation cost. You will also learn about different floor tiles to assist with making a decision. 

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tile installation cost

What Influences the Installation Cost? 


Multiple factors come to work to determine the installation cost. It’s crucial to review all of them before making a decision. The first variable is the type of floor tile. 

Buyers can select from various tiles. For this article, we will explore mosaic tile, ceramic tile, and subway. Each of these tiles comes with different price points.  


The second variable is the contractor fees. Experienced contractors will charge higher fees to reflect their knowledge. 

You should take into consideration that contractors in densely populated urban areas will charge higher prices. The higher prices compensate for ahigher cost of living

You can look for cheaper contractors, but don’t cut corners too much. You will only pay the installation cost once if everything goes well.  Sacrificing quality for lower-price materials can also yield problems with the floor installation. You don’t want to pay for tile replacement and removal services too soon.  

Depending on the tile and job, expect to pay between $45 and up to $120 per labor hour. Some people explore more with a DIY approach and install tiles themselves to save money, but keep in mind the size and square footage can become a production when you have no experience.

Square Footage

The third variable just mentioned, is again, the square footage. A larger space requires more labor and floor tile, better planning. 

A good recommendation is you should change the flooring of the entire room. This change will make the room feel larger instead of only changing half of the flooring.  

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The Space

The fourth variable is the room space. Some rooms are more accessible to tile than others. For instance, a shower requires less work than if you are remodeling an entire master bathroom. Fewer objects and structures get in the way of the project, so keep in mind how complex your project can get, based on the coverage you will do to the room chosen to be remodeled.

A bathroom is a good challenging room to tile. Installers need to navigate around sinks and toilets which will make force them during installation. The extra workload leads to higher labor costs. 

The color of the tile also influences costs. Rarer colors will cost more than standard tile colors. You can find an excellent tile design without an expensive, exotic tile color. 

Mosaic Tile Explained 

tile installation cost

Mosaic tile is an affordable tile that adds personality to a kitchen or bathroom. Small individual tiles fill a mosaic tile slab. You can install the slab or cut out the individual squares with a utility knife. 

Since mosaic tile often comes in slabs, the installation process is more straightforward. Not every floor tile comes in a sheet. This distinction is why mosaic tiles come with an affordable installation cost. 

A wet saw with a diamond blade is the best tool for cutting most tiles, including mosaic tile. You can hire a contractor to assist with cutting mosaic tile instead of doing it yourself. A contractor can arrive with the best tools and the expertise to get the job done. 

When cutting the tile, make sure the tile is facing up. 

Ceramic Tile Explained 

tile installation cost

Ceramic tile is less durable than other tiles. The reduced durability carries a lower price tag.Ceramic tilesare waterproof, making them ideal for bathrooms.  

These tiles also fight against bacteria and mold. Bacteria and mold can make a house less enjoyable. Preventing them before they strike is vital. 

Ceramic tile is also a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes. The charming design and waterproof functionally make them a compelling alternative. 

Subway Tile Explained 

tile installation cost

Subway tiles are efficient and fashionable. They derive their nickname from the floor tile in the New York City subway system. 

Subway tile is ceramic tile measuring 3 inches by 6 inches. Prices vary considerably for subway tile. Some subway tile costs under $1/square foot. Artisan interpreted subway tile offerings can exceed $60/square foot. 

Subway tiles have been a staple since the 1900s. The simplicity of this tile suggests demand will remain strong for this tile. 

Tile Classes 

tile installation cost

Every floor tile has a rating structure to assess its durability. Low-rated floor tile is best for less-visited rooms. You will spend less time on average in a bathroom compared to a kitchen. 

High-rated floor tile is best for rooms you are in more often. When reviewing tiles, do not consider Class I tile. 

Class I tiles are not durable enough for floor installation. These tiles more commonly go on walls. Durability isn’t as important for wall tile compared to floor tile because nobody walks on it. 

Class II and Class III tile flooring designs address light and mid-foot traffic. Class IV tile flooring handles commonly visited rooms. 

Most households will not need Class V tile flooring. This flooring makes sense for commercial buildings where foot traffic is heavy. 

You should not use a single tile class across your entire house. Each room receives different levels of foot traffic. Invest in an affordable tile that matches up with foot traffic. 

Embarking on Tile Installation 

The tile installation cost is a one-off expense. However, the way your room looks will have a lasting impact in the years ahead. 

The tile installation cost also represents an investment. Better flooring will help you increase the resale value of your home.  

If you are looking for tile, we can help. Review the Rubi catalog to see our tile offerings. 

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