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  • How to use a Rubbish Chute

    rubbish chute
    You might be thinking that everyone knows this important aspect of working on a construction or home improvement site, but not everyone understands the importance of something as simple as a rubbish chute. So, whether you’re learning how to tile or a construction site veteran, let’s shed some light on this simpl...
  • Tile Removal: How to remove tile from wall

    how to remove tile from wall
    So you’ve decided your room is in much need of an update. Your current décor is not to your style and it’s time you gave it a bit of a makeover, you’ve even found some stylish new tiles to install already. Today, we are going to tell you how to remove tile from wall.   But there...
  • Tile Spacers: How to Use Them Effectively

    Tile Spacers
    If you’re beginning work on a new tiling project, and it’s your first time working with tiles, you may be a bit confused. There is a lot to know about laying and placing tiles. From mixing up tile adhesive and grouts, how to tile with the RUBI manual or electric tile cutter, and grouting the final result – it can ge...
  • The Top 10 Basic Tile Tools for Professional Tilers

    Cutting and grinding with the best tiling tools
    For some of us, fixing tiles is an art. It’s about not only cutting and placing tiles wherever is needed, it requires years of practice and a good eye for design to plan a layout and merge tiles of different textures and thickness together in an appealing pattern. But it’s not only about the experience and expertise...
  • How to Use an Electric Tile Cutter

    electric tile cutter
    Experience tells us that the favourite cutting machine of the professional ceramic tile installer is the manual cutter. Its cutting speed, the low level of investment involved and being able to work in a clean and comfortable environment are the determining factors in this perception. However, due to the growth in f...

    what is grout
    When installing tiles or stone, it’s important you choose the right type and colour to complete the project. Grout is an essential part of the tile installation process. Choosing the right one can make a huge difference in the end-result of your installation and how it looks, as well as how successfully it beha...
  • How to Choose a Manual Tile Cutter

    manual tile cutter
    Choosing and using a manual tile cutter can be a complicated task. Since a manual tile cutter is one of the fundamental tools in our daily work, in today’s how to tile blog, we want to help facilitate so that all tiling professionals who will have to face this decision sooner or later can make the best choice for th...
  • How to Cut Tile Around a Toilet: Tools, Tips, and Best Practices

    how to cut tile around toilet
    When it comes to cutting straight lines in tile, when using proper tools such as a manual cutter or electric tile saw with a good quality diamond blade, the result is incredibly easy to master! But when it comes to asking about cutting curves, specifically how to cut tile around a toilet, this can be a lot more diff...
  • Tiling Bathroom Floor Preparation: Tips and Tools

    tiling bathroom floor preparation
    Tiling a bathroom floor has become very popular, gone are the days of damp and smelly carpets as they quite rightly are seen as unhygienic and dated. Often you will get a professional tradesman in to do the work, but if you are a keen DIYer or just fancy having a go yourself it may be easier than you think. All you ...
  • How to Tile a Bathroom: Tools and Tips

    how to tile a bathroom
    Tiling or retiling your bathroom walls can be a great way to refresh a room or go for a new look or design. There are a myriad of tiles and materials you can use. You may choose to employ a professional to do the work, but in this blog we will take you through all you need to know on how to tile a bathroom if you fe...