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Large Format Tile has increasingly being used for remodeling and interior design projects. Slab size tile has been used in Europe for quite some time. This year, you’ll see them becoming increasingly popular as the tile of choice for walls, flooring, and bathrooms.

Large tiles are not only easy to install when using the proper tools like the Rubi’s new Slab System, but now the professional installers are starting to discover their demand because they are also easy to maintain. Installing a large porcelain slab on a wall, for example, is a lot easier than marble or natural stone. With so many uses, it’s not hard to see why these tiles are trending. Large format ceramic tiles can create stunning mosaics while porcelain slabs are used to design a showstopping shower.  

From feature walls to beautiful floors, here’s a round-up of everything you need to know about decorating with large format tiles in your home or office location. But first…

How Large is a Large Format Tile?

Large porcelain slabs or ceramic tiles can come on standard sizes, such as  4ft x 8ft or as big as 4.5ft x 10ft (120″ x 55″).  A new jumbo size 128″ x 63″ scale has been introduced by our friends from Cosentino with slab sizes from their Silestone collection, for example.  You can also custom order these tiles to be larger or any custom specific size. Thin porcelain tile slabs are lightweight and easy to install. If you’ve seen any large seamless walls recently, these are the tiles that were most likely used.

Ceramic tiles are used for countertops, backsplashes, shower walls, patios, flooring, and fireplaces.

Porcelain slabs aren’t marble, but you can find them in designs that look similar. These slabs are also a lot more versatile because they aren’t as heavy and dense.  Caring for marble is quite difficult. With porcelain or ceramic, maintenance and care is a lot simpler. Real marble also has limited uses.

The Benefits of Using Large Format Tiles such as Porcelain Slabs or Ceramic Large Tiles

Large porcelain or ceramic slabs and tiles are extremely versatile. Newer tile slabs are also coming in “XLarge” scale. You can cover entire walls or floors inside of commercial spaces in no time.

Decorating a wall or floor in a large space with natural stone is extremely cumbersome. Large tile slabs are a lot lighter than natural stones. You can cover ten feet of walls with a look as smooth as marble.

One of the major benefits of using large format tiles is that there are fewer joints and seams. This means less grout and fewer grout lines. You’ll be able to run your hand along a wall or floor and not feel any seams or line breaks.

Fewer grout lines also mean a sleeker appearance, easier installation, and less maintenance. Grout is hard to keep clean. If you don’t maintain your grout it can also start to look dirty and unkempt.

Less Wear and Tear

Large porcelain slabs are great for countertops. Because porcelain is heat resistant, you can put a hot pan right on top of the surface without worrying about damage. This makes large tile slabs a nice option for kitchen islands and counters.

When it comes to wear and tear, porcelain is also stain-free. It is virtually impossible to stain a porcelain surface. Marble and quartz stain and can be difficult to keep clean when around food and liquids.A porcelain slab or large tile is also difficult to crack or scratch. This durable surface is perfect for areas that get a lot of traffic. From the bathroom to the kitchen or even commercial spaces, large format tiles will stand up to heavy wear and tear.

Another nice perk is if you already have a solid surface, you can install your slab right over it.

Maintaining Large Format Porcelain Tile

Large format tiles in porcelain are a breeze to maintain. You can use any multi-purpose cleaner you’re already using to keep your surfaces clean.

According to The Spruce, to clean floors, walls, or surfaces, you can simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth and your cleaner of choice. Unlike with marble, you don’t have to worry about using abrasive materials, buffers, or cleaners that will cause damage.

Large ceramic tiles require the same cleaning as their smaller counterparts. With fewer grout lines, however, they are a lot lower maintenance.

Installing Large Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Installing large format tiles in porcelain or ceramic can be tricky and should always be handled by a professional with the proper tools.  The size and scale of slabs of these trendy materials are easy to replace compared to other tile types, but weight and transportation becomes a factor to consider.  Make sure you prepare the surface properly and triple check measuring your new surfaces. Typically oversize tiles installation is secured by using mortar with contact cement. Using an epoxy material, the tile seams are bonded together. Once this is done, you will barely see the seams of the tiles.

Large ceramic tiles may have lots of advantages in use  and is the reason why is becoming so popular and an eye catcher. Not only because of weight properties and size,  both ceramic and porcelain materials, have a look and feel that imitate nature that is very hard not to like.

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Colors and Patterns

Large ceramic tiles and porcelain slabs come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can find a tile to match any décor. From large Mediterranean-style ceramics to cool modern porcelains, tiles come in thousands of options.

If you’re looking to install a detailed pattern, you can do so without having to worry about matching the seams. Because these tiles are so large or even one solid surface, connecting patterns is easy.


Uses and Decorating Ideas

You can use large slab tiles in several areas of your home. These tiles can be used around the bathtub, your shower, the kitchen counter, on fireplaces, giant feature walls, and in flooring. Below are a few tile ideas to try in your own home.

1. Shower Walls

One of the most popular places to use porcelain slabs is on shower walls. You can create a marble look for a lot less money. You won’t need to stress about water damage or the tile in your shower getting cold.

2. Tub Surrounds

For a modern-looking tub surround, ceramic or porcelain slab tiles are a beautiful choice. With little to no grout, you can create a seamless wall in the pattern of your choice. You can custom fit your surface to surround your tub and encase the walls of your bathroom.

3. Flooring

Large slab tiles make a great choice for flooring. You can use them in an entryway, surrounding a fireplace, in the bathroom, your kitchen, or even as the main flooring in your home.  In warm climates where tile flooring is preferred, these slabs will give your home a sleek and modern appearance.

In an office space or large commercial building, these slabs are inexpensive compared to other natural stones. Always make sure they are handled by a professional and installation could be a breeze.  With the use of RUBI Slab Trans system and  the RUBI Slab Trolley professionals move large ceramic tiles easy, so they can bring these outdoors as pavers for walkways and patios.  

You can use large slab tiles outdoors as well. They can be used for pools, water features, on decks, or on the exterior of your home. These pretty tiles can be customized for any outdoor space you can envision.You can use ceramic tiles to decorate an outdoor kitchen space or create a beautiful pattern on the walls of your pool.

4. Countertops

You can use large tiles to create a clean looking surface in your bathroom or kitchen. You can customize the size of your tiles or slabs to make one solid surface as well.

These slabs work beautifully on waterfall edge countertops in modern kitchens. HGTV gives some great photos for waterfall edge countertops.  With these solid surfaces, you don’t have to worry about scratches, stains, water or heat damage.


Since porcelain and ceramics are produced easily in large format tile sheets nowadays, it makes them a cost-effective choice for several rooms in your home or commercial space.  Not only are they less expensive compared to natural stones but the installation is also slightly less timely.

With the proper time spent on installation, you will see some cost savings for an amazing end result. Large format tiles can be placed strategically and without a lot of grout work, even if sometimes involves some challenging cutting. These tiles are designed with economies of scale and a bespoke effect in mind.

Imagine how expensive an entire bathroom covered in marble would cost. With large tile slabs, you can achieve similar look without all the expense and labor.

Because large tile slabs tend to be less dense, you can easily customize their size to use an entire piece as a solid surface countertop. Unlike marble or quartz.  This material can also go directly on top of your existing solid surface. You won’t have to pay for removal, demolition, or haul-away.

According to, installing a new tile will also give you a great return on your investment.

Large Format Tiles for the Win

Large format tile in ceramic or porcelain comes in a variety of patterns, sizes, and densities. These amazing surfaces are extremely versatile. You can use them on as countertops, walls, flooring, inside and out.

These slabs or large format tile sheets can be customized to fit any large-scale project. Whether it is the lobby of a skyscraper or your new kitchen island, the possibilities are almost endless. Just make sure your team has the proper tools. 

If you’re going for a look that is both timeless and classic while also sleek and modern, these large-scale slabs are just what you need.  To get started with your next tile project, visit the product page for everything you need to tile properly in the near future.

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