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12 Custom Bathroom shower ideas for ultimate luxury

Finding unique bathroom shower ideas that match your aesthetic can be a fun process. You have choices to make from tile installation to lighting to paint to wallpaper and much more.  If you’re wanting to make a custom bathroom that is so awesome you may never want to leave, keep reading.

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Your bathroom may not have ocean views or looking over Manhattan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an absolute next-level bathroom. Your bathroom can be a place of peace and serenity if you put in the work. 

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Ideas for Bringing True Luxury in your Bathroom

Have you ever sat and soaked in the tub at a nice hotel and thought about what life would be like if you never left? There’s no reason you can’t have that sort of life at home. From using creative tile floor patterns to finding the perfect shower, your imagination can run wild. 

It’s usually the first room you go to after you wake up and can be the perfect place to clean the day away after a rough time at work. Check out these 12 bathroom and shower ideas that will give you the bathroom of your dreams.

1. Copper Tub

Let’s start with the centerpiece of most great bathrooms, the bathtub. In today’s busy world we are used to showering as it’s quick and efficient. Showers can be great and we will get to that, but you shouldn’t ignore your tub.

A copper tub is a great way to make your bathtub inviting and a unique fixture.

2. Embrace the Natural look

If you’re renovating your bathroom, don’t be so quick to cover up natural brick, stone, or wood if you have it. Embracing natural materials can give your bathroom an organic feeling. 

It’s not just brick walls that you can use natural materials for, now you can also incorporate wallpapers with imagery that can help you bring the natural look, heavy organic textures, a little better price.  If budget is not an issue, considering slab format materials for your sink, shower, and tub can make a huge difference. Consider using materials for your fixtures that compliment your walls.

3. Outdoor Cleaning

Do you know those commercials for shampoo where the person is showering under a waterfall? You may not be able to create a waterfall in your bathroom, but having an outdoor shower can help you pretend that you do.

Even just a simple rainfall showerhead with a basic curtain is enough to create something that many will be extremely jealous of. 

Creating a shower stall outside is the perfect compliment to a pool while creating a shower with glass walls to the outside or even a shower that extends outside from your inside bathroom is truly luxurious.

4. Decorated Ceilings

You’re relaxing in your tub and you look up only to be disappointed by a very ordinary boring ceiling. If you’re going to spend the time & money to create the perfect luxury bathroom, here is a bathroom shower idea out of the box: Focus on the ceiling.

You don’t have to be Michaelangelo and pain a piece of art, although if you’ve got the talent, go ahead. Simply using colors or designs other than the norm is enough to make your bathroom stand out.

Photo courtesy @edgecollections

Using wallpaper on the ceiling with complimentary or even contrasting colors if you’re brave enough not only adds to the overall design of the room but also can create a bespoke atmosphere.  Today’s different finishes and textures of wallpaper materials can also be found on recycle wallpaper rolls to stay environmentally friendly when decorating your upgraded master bathroom, walking closet or any other area you see fit inside your home. 


5. Lighting Is Everything

If your bathroom feels like a cave, then your number one priority should be giving it some much-needed light. It’s hard to appreciate a beautiful room if you can’t see it. Not to mention it also makes getting ready or shaving a dangerous game.

Think about your uses for the bathroom when picking out the right light. If you’re going to be doing your makeup you’ll want to use lights that mimic natural sunlight to give you an accurate reflection.  For truly natural light look at your options for skylights and windows to bring in the sun. Having multiple light fixtures in a larger bathroom with dimming options is a great way to have control over different moods.

6. Clawfoot Tub

Tubs that are flush against the wall are just plain boring. First, it restricts your freedom in the tub and second, it looks like a forgotten piece that should be a key fixture.

Proper flooring and drainage is a very important concern when looking at clawfoot tubs. You want to make sure that your tile or other floorings can withstand the weight and that the water that will undoubtedly be sloshed over the side has a place to go.

Clawfoot tubs are classic and exude luxury. You can find clawfoot tubs that are large enough for soaking and come with faucets that add a level of vintage appreciation and craftsmanship.

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7. Floating Sinks

In keeping with the theme of breaking from the norm while embracing tradition, your options for sinks have come a long way. From straight edges and bold blocks to soft corners and fun themes, your sinks can make or break a great bathroom.

Floating sinks are all the rage now and there have never been more options. Sinks no longer have to be set into your bathroom counter, they can sit above it and come in every shape imaginable.

If you’re embracing natural materials and shapes, check out some beautiful marble oval sinks that look like bowls sitting on your counter, begging you to wash your hands in them.


8. You Have a Fireplace in There?

If you want to talk about a show-stopper, putting a fireplace in your bathroom is a shower idea that will certainly accomplish that feat. This isn’t the easiest custom option, but it’s one of the coolest.

You’ll need to consider your home’s current construction and local regulations, but if you’ve got the means, having a fire inside your bathroom while you relax in the tub is an excellent idea to relieve almost any kind of stress there is. You can add another layer of luxury by tiling your fireplace to match and complement your bathroom style.

Also, don’t forget that there is nothing wrong with an artificial fireplace. Water vapor, warm lights, and heat can make for a fireplace that is much easier to install and maintain while still providing relaxation.

9. Tile Patterns

Speaking of tile, don’t get lazy here. There are more tiling options than just laying down a single color or basic pattern. Feel free to break out and try interesting colors or patterns that draw the eye where it should go.

For traditionalists, there is nothing wrong with black and white tile, but getting creative with the pattern can give it that extra modern edge.

Ceramic tile,mosaic tile and outdoor wallpaper
Photo courtesy @edgecollections

Artistic tile with designs on it can be great for creative types or those with children.

A properly laid tile floor, while traditional, can also be modern and an amazing way to make your bathroom pop. Be picky when it comes to materials, colors, and installation to make sure it lasts as long as you want it to.


10. Shower Heads for Days

Enough about those tubs, showers can be fantastic too. A simple shower head installed above a simple tub is no way to start your day. Spend some time and make a shower that can give you the relaxation of a great tub.

Some people choose to take their bathtub out completely and use the space to create a huge shower. A great shower idea is using glass walls that go from floor to ceiling. This is a great way to create a shower that feels open and warm.

Multiple shower heads with different settings is a bathroom idea that can also give you the experience of getting clean from every possible angle. You’ll be singing the praises of water pressure for weeks.

11. Heated Towels

If you want your guests to feel like they’re staying at a world-class hotel or if you just want that feeling for yourself, heated towel racks are one of the best and easiest ways to accomplish true luxury feeling in your bathroom. 

It’s a pretty simple installation since most people have a towel rack anyway, but the benefit is amazing. Grabbing a heated towel after a shower on a cold day may relax you so much that you just want to crawl back in bed instead of going to work, but we won’t tell anyone.

12. Steam Room

Bring the luxury and peace of a spa day to your own home. Advanced systems that circulate air and create steam can turn your perfect shower into the perfect steam room. 

Placing a beautifully tiled bench, some plants and some soothing music will make your bathroom feel like the type of getaway that people pay hundreds of dollars for.

You need to consider your bathroom restrictions. Not just any room is going to be good to put that amount of steam in. Check with professionals before you go all-in on this glorious idea. 

Bathroom Beauty

Creating some of these shower ideas in your own bathroom can be time-consuming, but we promise it will be worth it. The best bathroom or shower ideas are the ones that make you smile when you step into the room.

If imagining a perfectly tiled floor, stone walls, marble fixtures and a shower that just won’t quit makes you happy, then start designing it today, you won’t be sorry.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure it’s done right. Go to our website and explore your tool options and maybe consider hiring a pro to get the upgrade to your bathroom done the right way!

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