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Building An Awesome Small Home Office

Working from home is a common trend among today’s office workers. But executives and managers continue the debate about whether this is a productivity boost or drain.  RUBI Tools USA and RUBI tools worldwide implemented teleworking practices after the new measurements and healthy practices recommended against this pandemic situation. So we figure to share with this new article a few tips for creating an ideal home office. This will help solving your productivity issues. If you’re worried you don’t have the space, there are many creative solutions to explore.

Keep reading to learn how you can make a small home office, and start improving your working days!

Start with Small Home Office Furniture

One of the main components of creating a great small home office is the furniture. Too much furniture or a desk that’s too large can make a tiny space feel even more cramped. You can avoid that claustrophobic feeling with a desk that is leggy without being hefty.

Picking the right desk for a small space is important. There are many styles on the market that can suit your preferences. Think about something like a corner desk that will help you to free up space where there may be no other furniture.

Consider other types of furniture that help to maximize space, like a wall-mounted floating desk. This will also allow you to have storage underneath.

Other wall-mounted ideas can help you to utilize the vertical space you have, like a wall-mounted monitor. Sometimes a big computer screen can take up the majority of the space and leave very little room for any other desk needs. By adding it to your wall space, you can free up room.

Overall, be sure to keep in mind how much workspace you will actually need. If you only have a laptop, you may be comfortable working on a very small desk. But if you have lots of documents or books, investing in shelves would help you to stay organized.

Designs and Layout Ideas

Utilizing your space is key for a small home office, especially if you live in a city with limited space in your apartment. You may not have a spare room that you can transform into an office, but perhaps you have an alcove or an unused corner of a different room.

Wherever you choose to set up your desk, thinking out the layout and design ahead of time will help you get creative. One of the most important parts of setting up your office is keeping a minimalist mindset. Don’t clutter the space with trinkets or unnecessary paperwork. This can prevent proper airflow. You also want to leave room for colorful touches and wall art that won’t be in the way. Hanging plants can also help with healthy airflow and color without taking up too much space.

Stick to the bare essentials with the furniture and overall layout. You want to be able to access everything you need without stepping over pointless items. The main things you’ll be looking for are a desk, a chair (unless you use a standing desk), and some kind of storage. Other furniture is optional and may not be best for your space.

Select the Right Paint, Wallpaper or even tile change

The style of your home office can be transformed by the right paint. A bit of color can make a space look bigger than it is. A change in texture of your walls or floor can make a huge difference.

Try using light colors on the ceiling and walls, like beige or light grays for the illusion that the room is bigger. Natural light and mirrors create this effect as well. If you have a window near your home office, don’t cover it with any furniture. Try to keep close some plants if possible, a little green can help make ambiance.

When you’re choosing a color, blues have been shown to have a positive effect on productivity. This can set you up for a great working day and evoke calm feelings so you aren’t too stressed out.

Consider this opportunity to even refresh your tile and give your floors a fresh look, this could improve your design and transform your space for good, regardless if you use it for work or simply improve your home living experience.

Rearrange Your Living Room

After you purchase furniture and decide on your decor, you might be wondering where you can put it all. One small home office layout idea is to find space in your living room by rearranging the current furniture.

Consider removing any possible unnecessary furniture in your living room. Could you opt for mounting your TV to remove the stand? Do you have any floor lamps that could be moved to another space?

If possible, putting the desk directly under or next to your living room window is ideal. It can help you feel less cramped.

Tile to Carpet Transition Options

You may also be able to rearrange your sofa. A desk could sit behind it if you have space. The desk could also brush up against the back of the sofa and have shelving storage on the walls.

If you’re looking to completely redo your living room, think about your tile options. This is a stylish way to upgrade any space! Slabs are trending and materials with natural finishes can make a incredible upgrade of any living area.

Try a Standing Desk

The benefits of a standing desk are popularly discussed among today’s office workers. Sitting down all day has been proven to negatively impact your health. For your tiny home office purposes, a standing desk might also help you to eliminate another piece of furniture by not having a chair.

There are many on the market that you can put together yourself. It may not require much more than a drill for you to purchase.

A floating wall mount desk with drawer storage will definitely help you to maximize your space. If you get tired of standing, you can always keep a bar stool tucked underneath. While it may not be the most comfortable, you’ll be encouraged to return to standing.

Transform Your Closet

In many condos and apartments, there’s little additional space. But a space closet might be the perfect area for you to transform into your office. Maybe time to clear up some closet space for work purposes. Declauter first and bring in some small furniture. By selecting a narrow desk, you can still have room for the stuff you need.

Have shelves above the desk for books or a printer, and add some bright colors to open up the space. If you need more storage, you can try a magazine rack on the wall to stash even more objects.

The best part is that you can keep the door on the closet, and shut your home office away when you’re done. This can even enhance your work-life balance by committing to only working in that space.

Try an Entryway or Hallway

People don’t often think of how their entryway or hallway could be used differently. Especially if you live in a house that’s smaller, these spaces can be easily utilized for a home office.

Tile to Carpet Transition

A generously sized entryway might be the perfect space for your desk to fit. You can use drawers to keep your additional office supplies hidden so that they aren’t the first thing people see when they enter your home.

Also, a hallway is usually an unused space. You might be able to go for an L-shaped desk to really take advantage of your hallway. Take a look around and see if there’s a space where you could not just add a desk, but maybe transform it by changing the floors, add shelving to the walls and make it a space that can be rearranged for work when needed. 

Bedroom Home Office

One of the best spaces for your small home office might end up being your bedroom. The first step to making a great bedroom office is to remove unnecessary clutter that already exists.

You might then see even more dimensions and space. Measure it out so you know you’re purchasing the right desk before moving more furniture in.

Also, consider where your plug sockets are located, since you don’t want cables around the room. Adding pictures to the walls and other things that are meant specifically for your office space can help you to delineate this area of the room.

Think about also adding something to your background. If you’re sitting at your desk on a video conference, what will be behind you? A plant might make the space look more professional than just having your bed in the background.

Seek Out Storage Options

Wherever you choose to put your home office, storage will be key. Tiny houses are experts at space-saving with custom designs that are meant to maximize space.

Try using built-in storage that can also become the desk. You might be able to transform the space under your window by adding benches that transform into storage, along with a desk area.

A bookcase desk is another stylish storage idea. Whether the bookcase is above or on the sides of the desk, you can use this to integrate the desk easily into your living room or other spaces.

Get Creative in Building a Small Home Office

Whether you live in an apartment in a large city, or a small home in the suburbs, maximizing your space is essential. The key to building a great small home office is creativity. 

Make sure you think about the layout and style you’re looking for, along with the location of the office, before you purchase any remodel materials or furniture. Tackle this mission with your co-workers (or family members you co-live with) and create a space that allows you to be productive and enjoy the comforts of home office living with a fresh new look.  Click here to read more about our products to upgrade your home finishes today!

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