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  • How to Lay Aperiodic Tiling: Tips and Best Practices

    aperiodic tiling
    In this blog on how to tile, we'll tell you everything you need to know about aperiodic tiling and how best to lay it to achieve a great finish!  WHAT IS APERIODIC TILING? Aperiodic tiling is a branch of mathematics concerned with tiles as units that form an irregular pattern. Aperiodic tiling cann...
  • Unique Bathroom Tile Ideas for Your Next Project

    Bathroom tiling is a staple in a tiler’s job so, in this article, we're discussing unique bathroom tile ideas for your next project. Keep reading for tips on how to tile and to get some ideas that will wow your clients. Be Artistic Photo by Scott Garner As a tiler, you’ve got to have a keen sense of st...
  • How to Lay Rectangular Tiles: Styles, Guidance, and Tips

    Rectangular Tiles
    When learning how to tile, various considerations come into play. One of these considerations involves choosing the ideal format and design to complement the room. After deciding on the type of tile, such as rectangular tiles, a pivotal question often arises: how should you go about installing them? Investing in hig...

    what is grout
    When installing tiles or stone, it’s important you choose the right type and grout to complete the project. Grout is an essential part of the tile installation process. Choosing the right one can make a huge difference in the end result of your installation. It affects how it looks as well as how successfully i...
  • Tile to Carpet Transition: 4 Options for a Stunning Floor

    Tile to Carpet Transition
    The last step in most tile installation projects is the tile to carpet transition. It's a key aspect of the job when you learn how to tile. It’s the final touch that can give your work an elegant and thorough look. However, it’s also one of the things that can disrupt the flow of your tile installation project ...
  • Installing Garage Floor Tiles Step by Step

    garage floor tiles
    A garage renovation can cost between £10,000 and £20,000 but DIYing your garage floor tiles can save you some of that cost. Not many people think about new floors as part of their garage renovations, but there are several advantages to upgrading your garage floors. In this blog post, we will walk you through how to ...
  • Floor Tile Patterns – Top Design Ideas For a Contemporary Look

    floor tile patterns
    After you learn how to tile and start working on tile installation projects yourself, you’ll need to keep up with the latest tiling trends. In this blog we will be discussing the latest floor tile patterns. If you are in the business of laying tiles, then you’ll want to know what these trends are, so that you can...
  • Kitchen Tile Ideas: Unique Ways to Use Tile in Your Kitchen

    kitchen tile ideas
    The kitchen is a very important room in our daily life, and can even become the centre of our home. So it deserves special attention to all of the details. Installing beautiful and original tiles can be a very interesting option to protect the wall and at the same time, decorate this space. In today’s how to tile bl...
  • Backsplash Tiles: Designs and Choosing The Right Ones

    Backsplash Tiles
    Knowing how to tile the latest backsplash tiles and designs is essential to keeping the constant work that tilers need year-round.To make your life easier we’ve put together a list of the latest trends and designs. A mixture of designs that will never go out of style, and modern takes on the classics. There is somet...
  • Bullnose Tile: What It Is and How to Use It

    bullnose tile
    Home renovations saw a major boom, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Studies indicate that home remodelling efforts more than doubled in 2021. There’s a lot to learn about, including terms and phrases that you may have never encountered before. One favourite project to think about taking on for the coming s...