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Tile Repair: How to Fix Cracked Tile

Do you need to fix some tiles? You can do tile repair in many ways, but the most common is by using epoxy grout. This will fill any cracks and holes found in the tile and make it look new again! The process of fixing tile is not difficult at all.

We have a simple step-by-step tile repair guide for you to follow that will teach you how to fix tile yourself without spending a lot of money or calling a professional.

Read the tile repair instructions below and get started today.

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What Causes Tile Damage?

Over time, tiles can become chipped, cracked, or broken. Sometimes you may damage tile on purpose, such as when the tile is being pulled up from the floor to remove from a space. Other tile damage can be accidental and caused by things like dropping heavy objects on tile floors or standing in one spot for too long and cracking tiles beneath your feet.

Whatever tile damage you have, remember that there are always solutions!

How Do You Know It’s Time to Fix Cracked Tile?

There are many signs that tile repair is necessary. The tile may need repair if there is damage such as:

  • Tile cracks that go all the way through
  • Tile chips and pitting
  • Cracked grout around the tile

It’s important to fix the tile as soon as you notice any of these problems. No matter how your tiles became damaged, we always recommend fixing them immediately.

What Tools Do You Need to Fix Cracked Tile?

In order to successfully complete a tile repair, there are a few tools required. It is possible that you may not need all of these tools depending on the location where the tile has cracked or chipped, but for most tile repairs you will need these things:

  • Grout
  • Paper towels
  • Sealing product (resin)
  • Mixing bowl
  • Bucket of water
  • Replacement tile (if the tile cracked all the way through)

You can find most of these tools and materials at your local home improvement store or tile store. If you are unable to find certain tile repair supplies, you can easily order the materials online.

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How Do I Repair Cracked Tile?

Repairing tile is actually very simple, and if you follow our instructions below, then you can fix tile yourself with ease. Here are the steps for how to repair cracked tiles.

1. Clear Debris and Dust

Use a vacuum on tile floors to clean up any dirt. For more stubborn stains or caked-on dust, use soap and water along with a scrub brush. This is an important step because if there is dust, dirt, or other debris then it can get in the tile cracks and make the tile damage even worse! 

2. Remove Grout Stuck in Between Tiles

As tile becomes damaged, the grout which holds it together can become cracked and chipped as well. Use a screwdriver or putty knife to scrape out any grout stuck between tiles so that it does not get mixed into the epoxy grout later down the line. You can get a tool from RUBI Tools called the RUBI Scraper for easy removal of the grout.

3. Apply Grout to Cracks and Holes

The tile epoxy grout should fill up the entire tile crack as it is a very thick substance that dries to a flat, smooth surface. When you pour tile epoxy grout into the tile crack, fill it up until you can no longer see the tile underneath.

Tip: You will likely need two coats of grout to complete tile repair.

4. Allow Grout to Dry

After a complete repair of your tile, washing the tiles is possible but only with gentle soap and water at first until fully dried (usually 48 hours later after tile repair has taken place). If a tile isn’t allowed to dry then it may become loose and could even come up from the floor. 

Using products, such as tile epoxy grout and tile bonding agent, will all allow it to fully dry.

5. Apply Sealer to Tiles

The tile sealant completes the repair process by providing a smooth, shiny surface that is easy to clean. This sealant will protect the tile from getting damaged again as well as keep tile floors and tile walls free of dirt, dust, and stains.

If you do tile repair properly, the surface can look almost brand new again. If you follow the instructions above then you should have your tile looking like new again in no time!

How Long Does Repairing Tile Take?

The repair instructions above will only take a few hours to complete, and then you can use the tile as normal. 

Hour-by-hour tile repair times depend on how major the tile damage is. Remember that tile epoxy grout must dry for 24 to 48 hours. If the tile gets damp within this timeframe, then mold may grow in these cracks and could possibly cause damage later on down the line.

How Much Will It Cost to Fix My Tiles?

The cost of repair flooring or walls can vary by location. A professional repair service would have the tile repaired in less than half a day, so your money would be well spent for your tile to look brand new again.

tile repair

Before you decide on tile repair you should ask yourself if you can ignore the damage or not. It may seem like the tile is better left alone due to wear and tear because it does not bother you that much at the moment, but this could potentially lead to even more tile damage later on, which would likely cost even more money to fix!

The bottom line here is that any tile damage should be immediately fixed by professional tile installers because repairing cracked tiles is important for safety reasons.

Get Started Repairing Your Tiles Today

Tile damage can lead to serious injuries, so tile repair should be a top priority. You can fix cracks and holes in a matter of hours, so don’t put it off.

For more tips and tricks, visit the RUBI’s blog, and learn from our experts.

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