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  • How to use a Rubbish Chute

    rubbish chute
    You might be thinking that everyone knows this important aspect of working on a construction or home improvement site, but not everyone understands the importance of something as simple as a rubbish chute. So, whether you’re learning how to tile or a construction site veteran, let’s shed some light on this simpl...
  • The Best Tiling Equipment for your Projects

    tiling equipment
    Tiling is an art form. It’s not about knowing how to tile, but it requires years of practice and a good eye for design to bring the project together. One of the most important aspects nowadays is knowing what tiling equipment and tools are best for the job at hand. One tile cutter is perfect for one type of...
  • Kitchen Wall Tiles Ideas and Trends for 2022

    Teal kitchen tiles as a backsplash with black and silver kitchen utensils and features
    If there are two places in the home in which a tiler works most often, it would be the bathroom and the kitchen. But what are the kitchen wall tiles ideas and trends for 2022 that you should be following? Keep reading this blog for tips on how to tile these ideas to wow your customers. Teal Is In Teal Kit...
  • Glass Tile Cutter: Best Practices & Tips

    glass tile cutter
    Would you like to know the best practices and tips on how to tile and use a glass tile cutter? It is a simple hand-operated tool, as well as a must-have for any tile installation using glass tile. It can help you cut accurately and safely. Whether you are working with standard or custom-sized tile, a glass tile cutt...
  • Subfloor for Tile Installation: Everything You Need to Know

    subfloor for tile installation
    When you start renovating in a customer’s home, you need to make sure that the subfloor is prepped and adequate for tile installation. This is something you learn early on when you learn how to tile. A correctly installed subfloor will ensure that your tile installation will remain durable, and won’t crack, loosen o...
  • How to Cut Curves in Tile: Tips and Tricks

    how to cut curves in tile
    It’s no surprise that the housing market in 2023 is not ideal, so more and more people are finding that their best option to get on the ladder is to look at houses with good bones but need a little TLC. This is where it might come in handy to learn how to tile. But, tiling isn’t always easy, and rooms aren’t always ...
  • Tile Installation Tools: Our Top 10 for Professional Installers

    tile installation tools
    When you learn how to tile, you also learn which tools are best for the job at hand. Tile installation tools are designed for specific uses during the installation process. Trying to find an alternative will, at best, considerably increase the amount of time needed to complete a project. Worst case scenario, it...