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The first APP that gives you money

Why you should have the Club RUBI APP

In the beginning of 2018 there were almost 4 million different apps available for smartphone users. For the specific branch of construction this number is much smaller but can still be a labyrinth with over 1000 different apps to choose from.

RUBI would like to guide you offering a unique all-in-one APP that includes: information on tiling tools, helps you choose the best diamond blade for each use, product discounts and more. But that’s not all!

With the Club RUBI APP users can get points for any purchase of RUBI products, which they can exchange for gift vouchers, for money or tranfer the amount to solidarity projects. Users can accumulate as many points as possible by registering and rating their products. Let’s discover the APP!

* Do you want to get the 2021 RUBI Catalogue with all the tools? Click here  and download it for free.

A unique saving system

One of the most interesting points is that you can get points by registering any RUBI product, which you can you can redeem for gift vouchers for Amazon, Decathlon, or recover up to 10% of the purchase value. Or if you prefer, you can transfer your amount to solidarity projects.

How can I save points?

  • By registering your RUBI tools bought at any point of sale:  you get up to 50 points.
  • By adding a product review: you get 10 points.
  • By registering with a social media account: you get 5 points.
  • When it is your birthday: you get 5 points.
  • Action periods with extra points.
  • And more…
How to register a product?
How to register a product?

In fact only for downloading and registering yourself to the APP you already receive 20 points.

Revolut APP or how to earn money

You can exchange your points for money thanks to the Revolut APP. In this sense, you can recover up to 10% of your money or purchase value.

You can get your free Revolut card, charged with extra 1,5€ (or 1,5 GBP). In this card, you will accumulate all your RUBI purchases and you are also able to add money on your card or use it in any store worldwide, that accepts online or offline VISA.

Moreover, Revolut APP has many benefits: you can spend and transfer money abroad with no fees and instantly exchange 29 currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.

Revolut APP, spend and transfer money abroad with no fees
Revolut APP, spend and transfer money abroad with no fees

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An accessible catalogue with product specifications

You don’t need to search on the website or browse on internet to find all you want to know about any RUBI tool. Including detailed pictures, product characteristics and specifications.

Find the tool that you are looking for
Find the tool that you are looking for

Help to choose Diamond Blades for each use

RUBI, as a Diamond Expert, has a wide range of diamond blades. For this reason they created an APP, Diamond Expert, which is now integrated in the Club RUBI APP. This function helps you select the right blade for each use and material.

Find your RUBI diamond blade
Find your RUBI diamond blade

Easily consult and add product reviews

To inform yourself fully about a product, in the APP you can also consult the feedback of other tilers that have already tried the tool. In this way the RUBI APP provides you a meeting point of tilers worldwide.

Special promotions according to your preferences

Thanks to the WishList section and your data provided, such as your purchases you are offered special promotions and discounts to cover your needs and desires.

Get special offers and promotions
Get special offers and promotions

I already have a lot of apps on my phone why another one?

You can now find the entire construction universe in one APP, giving you quick and easy access to all the information you need as a professional tiler  The Club RUBI APP put together the existing 3 APPs Cleaning Helper, Diamond Expert and RUBI Catalogue in only one! Do yourself a favour!

How can I download the APP?

The App is free of charge and available in Google Play and the Apple Store.

The new CLUB RUBI APP is the ideal tool for all ceramic and construction professionals
The new CLUB RUBI APP is the ideal tool for all ceramic and construction professionals

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